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  1. USB 3.1 Poised to clean up the cableing industry!

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    Was just over @ Monoprice & found this write up. Looks very promising. It even sounds like it could power you projector (kills the worry about suppling power up there) with up to 100 watts able to be delivered through it! http://www.monoprice.com/pages/usb_31_type_c
  2. CNET's RIP Panasonic plasma TVs: Reactions from industry experts

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    Very interesting CNET article about Panasonic's exit from plasma with industry experts comments. -Robert
  3. Singulus Technologies Announcement Puts the Industry on the Cusp of 4K Blu-ray Production

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    In 2002 the DVD world was set on fire by the announcement of a new technology specification dubbed Blu-ray. Offering nearly 5 times the storage capacity of a traditional DVD (25 GB single layer, 50 GB dual layer), the format opened the gateway to the distribution of high definition material...
  4. Ultra HD Now 4K’s Official CE Industry Name

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    Source: TWICE
  5. Repair Industry Woes

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    For years now there has been a trend away from repair of consumer electronics. The reduction in profit and pricing in the products themselves, along with moves toward lower skilled workers attempting to perform board level repair has forced many independent and highly skilled servicers out of...
  6. Game industry to grow 6% in 2010 - Analyst

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    Pacific Crest Securities' Evan Wilson believes 34% digital sales growth will buoy stagnant packaged goods; PS3 only console predicted to see sales increase. The sky began to fall for the global economy in late 2008, but many analysts maintained during the first part of 2009 that the gaming...
  7. New Member From Dallas working in the industry

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    I like many others here seemed to have found HTS, because of the frequency response software. I have worked in the industry for about two-and-a-half years now. It started as a hobby and has now turned into a living. I was lucky enough to get hired into a small HIFI shop with extremely little...