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  1. Cedar Creek Cinema ATMOS Install

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    As previously stated... it is time to upgrade to ATMOS. I have put it off for long enough, but not without good reason. First of all, I just plain have not had time over the last couple of years. Since leaving my position at SVSound and starting my own gun shop, it has been crazy. Getting...
  2. how to install a crossover for a subwoofer?

    DIY Speakers
    Hello everyone! I have a dual 15 inch PA speaker connected with my Behringer 3000 DSP amplifier. I really need to add some deep bass to this system. So i was thinking of building a subwoofer box for this pyle subwoofer. Since the amplfiier delivers full range audio can I use one of this? How...
  3. Loking to Install projector in basement with 7 foot ceilings but Best Buy said not a good idea

    Home Theater Projectors
    Just bought a home and not really too experienced with projector screens (have a 65 inch flat screen in home now) Best Buy Magnolia came over today to take a look and they did not recommend it due to the fact the ceilings were so low but recommended an 80 inch TV. Reason being is that if...
  4. New idea for a unique subwoofer install!

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Ive posted this elsewhere but I thought a few of the regulars here might be interested as well. Any thoughts on this idea?
  5. New install in sunroom

    IB - Infinite Baffle Subwoofer Build Projects
    Greetings. I'd appreciate some input from the experienced! I built a new addition to my house last year. It's a sunroom with 2x6 construction, insulated, crawl space underneath (about 750 cu ft), etc. The room was designed as a view to the back yard, not a home theater. Here's the room...
  6. install REW on mac computers

    REW Forum
    Hello, i bought a new mac, and i would like also to install the REW on mac, but i get this massage "RoomEQ_Wizard_obf.jar” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer", it would be great if you could please let me know what should i do? Thank you, Sahar
  7. 40ft HDMI cable recommendations for in-ceiling install ?

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Hi guys, I need some HDMI cable recommendations for an in-ceiling installation in my Home Theater room. The length needs to be about 25 ~ 35 ft, but I'm probably going to get a 40 ft cable just to cater for some unexpected length additions. I want a cable that's as future proof as possible, so...
  8. how to install REW on computer without internet connection?

    REW Forum
    hi, first post. searched for answers, didn't find anything. studio computer (win7 64 bit) does not and will never have internet connection for security/stability reasons. when trying to install REW, it tries to install java runtime firs which of course times out. so, via a different...
  9. Crown - DriveCore Install Network Series

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    The purpose of this post is to introduce this line of amplifiers to the HTS community. I recently built a set of mains consisting of a JBL 1.5" compression drivers & JBL 12" woofers, one in each cabinet. They are bi-amped, the JBL woofers are recieving 300w each @ 8 ohms and the compression...
  10. Beta 18 won't install on Win7

    REW Forum
    Downloaded the installation file named "47635d1395597340-v5-01-beta-downloads-asio-support-wizardinstallv5.01beta18.exe" from the downloads area, and the file will not install on either one of my Win7 systems (one 64-bit, one 32-bit). Is the file corrupt?
  11. Stereo Integrity HT-18-D4... IB Install... How Much "Safe" Power Per Driver ?

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Per the title... I have four Stereo Integrity HT 18 D4 for IB install via two manifolds. How much RMS power can each driver "safely" handle (using both voice coils)? Estimates are okay! OR... What is an acceptable rule-of-thumb regarding "rated specs" (which are probably assuming enclosed) vs...
  12. Input needed for home theater install

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Closing in my new house in the next few weeks. The FROG will become the home theater. I have a Benq 710ST projector, 100" diagonal motorized screen, a harman kardon 5.1 receiver and speakers and sub. Trying to decide layout....any input would be greatly appreciated! Added some pics to help...
  13. Subwoofer placement/thoughts for install

    System Setup and Connection
    Folks, I have a 12" Paradigm sub that I want to use in my living room. The problem is that there is no room on the carpeted area where I can place the sub without it being in the traffic area or just visible. My endtables aren't designed to have something placed underneath. I do have a built...
  14. Problem to install Room EQ Wizard

    REW Forum
    Hello im new here on the forum, i´m working on a new built studio at home and have bought a measurement microphone and now trying to install room eq wizard after i was advised to download that from one of my teaches. I get the message -RoomEQWizardV5 is damaged and can not open. It should be...
  15. Samsung HLR5067W Problems after DMD Board Install

    Swapped out the board in my TV after it was having black vertical lines on all inputs and all menus. Installed the new board with no issues and now it won't fire up. It tries 3 times and than all 3 LEDs flash as if I should replace the bulb but with the back cover off I can clearly see the bulb...
  16. Rockstar advises owners of GTA V on Xbox 360 not to install the “play” disc

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Rockstar advises owners of GTA V on Xbox 360 not to install the “play” disc Rockstar has advised a fan on Twitter not to install the “play” disc of the game. GTA V ships on two discs on Xbox 360, the first of which, the “install” disc, is the only one required to be...
  17. REW trying to install 32-bit Java?

    REW Forum
    I installed an audio equalizer from sourceforge, then it said that I need to install REW to use it. To install REW I had to join this forum... I thought this all looked like it might be worth the round-about things I had to do to try it, so now I tried to install it. I started the REW install...
  18. UMIK - linux/Java install

    REW Forum
    So a couple of questions. I recently got my UMIK - and installed REW. Going through the setup - I have a few general questions. I currently have amd64 system - Ubuntu 12, and HDMI on motherboad with an old altec lansing system attached (SUB and two satellites - amplifier in the sub and...
  19. 2010 Ford F-150 Platinum - System Upgrade Install

    Mobile Audio
    You would think at 50 years old I would grow out of the DIY car audio installs and either be happy with the factory system or at least let a car audio shop do it for me. But no... I just can't leave it alone. I guess is makes me feel younger piddlin' around with it. I have a 2010 F-150...
  20. Offline install

    REW Forum
    Hi, Computer I use is supposed to stay off the web. When downloading REW v.5 wnt straight for the java download as well. (v.5r7 at the time) Installed the java first on the machine then ran REW installer. But he keeps saying he'll go online (opens IE) and wants to download java. Redid the...