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  1. Error installing REW 5.18

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am trying to install REW on a Windows 10 computer. Windows installation is fresh (a few weeks old). Java is installed, but whether I try to install the version with JRE or without it, I immediately get an error upon running the executable. It says "An internal error occurred (error...
  2. Installing the roomeqwizard.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, Interested to install the roomeqwizard on a Windows 8 64 bits computer. After installing Java 8 , downloading "Windows installer (14.5MB, requires Java 7 or 8)" and running the EXE, receiving the following: Had no problem to install on other 32 bit laptop. Is the 64 supported? Thanks...
  3. Installing a DIY Bass Shaker System Using AuroSound Bass Shaker Pros

    Staff A-V Insights
    An HTS member recently asked me a question about bass shakers and how I integrated them into my theater seating. I thought this would be a good opportunity to run through a few thoughts on installing a DIY shaker system and whether or not it’s worth the effort and extra coin. Cutting to the...
  4. Help Installing a Sanus Rack In-Wall

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have a Sanus 15u rack (see pic) that I would like to put in-wall at about 3 feet off the floor. The area behind the wall is unfinished. Any ideas on how best to frame out the opening and elevate it in the unfinished space. I've included a picture of the space with a super imposed image of...
  5. Installing home theater

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    We just moved into an older house that was wired in the family room (front and back) and two speakers in living room. They left behind all wall speakers, sub woofer and center. I purchased a Yamaha receiver RX-v577 to connect them. I am not sure how to connect receiver to the wall inputs and the...
  6. Installing a projector at 25 degrees from the screen (not right in front of it)

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi everyone, It will be hard for me to install my projector right in front of the screen (I'd have to fit it to the ceiling and I'd need to see beams for that, but I don't see them). Instead, I'm considering fitting it on a wall shelf, but on a wall that has a 25 degres angle with the screen...
  7. Help with installing a TV Wall Mount

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Hello ... We're moving into a new home and I had some a question about installing a wall mount. I have a rather heavy-duty one that I would like to re-use with my new TV, which has a rotating arm that comes out. The mount itself is about 60 lbs and the TV is 60 lbs. It mounts to 2 wood studs...
  8. Evaluating ceiling speakers before installing

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    First of all, I understand ceiling speakers have sort of reduced quality. I recently put in a pair ($249 msrp each) into a cardbox with a circle cut in it just to check the speaker. It sounds as expected, speaker playing from a card box. It didn't seem to sound as good as I would have...
  9. Installing auto on/off switch for powered speaker

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello, I wanted to reach out for some help to some seasoned DIY audio people. I have several 5" Monoprice powered monitors paired up with apple airport express' for a makeshift multi room system. It works perfectly as each book shelf speaker is independently powered for each small room, but...
  10. Installing projector mount

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Guys please remember I am a newbie and have never in my life mounted a projector so I have a few questions that will help while I am constructing my HT in the basement. First of all I think I am going with an Epson 2030 projector and 100" screen. I used projection calculator pro to come up with...
  11. What MKV streamers are worth installing

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I am trying to finish up my theater and have a question on streaming from my server to my AV equipment. I have a high-end Onkyo receiver and a 7.1 surround sound system installed in the room already. I also have a server room with all my Blu-ray movies backed up on a central computer. They...
  12. Installing REW on a stand alone PC

    REW Forum
    Is there a way to install REW on a PC without internet? My PC is a stand-alone machine. I installed the latest Java Runtime environment and when I run the REW installer, the first thing it tries to do is install Java Runtime Environment from the internet.
  13. trouble installing REWv5 on Winxp -file times?

    REW Forum
    Hi people After much reading :blink: and getting my connectors together, I was dissapointed to get an error message when trying to install R EQ W v5 on my Win XP service pack 3 (does have Java 5.0 installed as the download page suggests) on my desktop. Error: Setting file times: c:\Program...
  14. Installing GIK 242 on ceiling

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Glenn or anybody else, any ideas on elegant ways to mount the GIK 242 flat on the ceiling? Add eyes and wire and hang on hooks? :scratch: Thanks. Also, My GIK Tri-Traps are 47" tall. I'm hoping this is standard and if I get another pair I'll be able to stack them on top of the existing ones...
  15. New Construction installing new system Help

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I am sure their are numerous posts such as this one but here goes; I am building a new house and plan on having a theater like quality sound and video in the large living area. I have a equipment closet in the master bedroom that will hold all of the equipment. I plan on three zones in the...
  16. installing amp

    Two Channel Audio
    I'm running a Denon AVR 1506 reciever and I also have a pioneer mx-10 amp I would like to power my rear surround speakers with it but I lost the manual can anyone here help? I would like to see if this would be benificial to my home theater sound system
  17. installing amp

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Denon reciever that has pre out for subs can I hook up amp there then both my subs to amp? Don