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  1. Watch all 10 episodes of TRANSPARENT on Amazon Instant Video for free today only

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    Watch all 10 episodes of TRANSPARENT on Amazon Instant Video for free today only. No membership required. Go to your Amazon Instants video Smart TV app and enter the code http://www.amazon.com/mytv to get instant access on your TV. Of watch on your computer if you like. Very good series...
  2. The Roku Gets A New Channel This Summer - Redbox Instant Is On The Horizon

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Redbox, perhaps famed for its 42,000 some odd kiosks containing movies on DVD and Blu-ray (plus video games) that are available for rent, has a streaming service that is scheduled to be added to the 750 or more channel line-up on the Roku devices. Called Redbox Instant, the service is similar...
  3. Redbox Launches ‘Redbox Instant by Verizon’ Brand

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: HomeMediaMagazine
  4. Now Playing on PS3: Amazon Instant Video

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Now Playing on PS3: Amazon Instant Video We’ve seen the PlayStation 3 evolve in some pretty impressive ways over the years. Besides playing some of the best games seen this generation, the console is a multimedia beast. Multiple video services have been added, including Netflix, Hulu...
  5. ACC, Big 12 upgrade to HD instant replay

    We're still not sure which school in the conference is ready to challenge for a BCS bowl again, but the ACC is following the other bigs by upgrading its instant replay systems to high definition. Just like the Pac-10, Big Ten and MAC it's using DVSport equipment, while the Big 12 announced...
  6. Pac-10 refs will see HD instant replays this season, find a new reason for blowing big calls

    Just like the Big Ten and SEC, Pac-10 schools will be upgrading to DVSport's HD Replay system for the 2010 football season. They got a trial run this past weekend at the Oregon spring football game, just a bit too late to give Oklahoma back the ball in one of the bigger instant replay...
  7. Big Ten, MAC football get HD instant replay for the refs, but the SEC was faster

    It's been a few years since the NFL made the jump to high definition instant replay, and it's absolutely time it arrived in college football as well. The SEC announced plans to switch last month and today the Big Ten and Mid-American Conferences mentioned they will upgrade their systems as...