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  1. Rel high level pass sub integration

    REW Forum
    I've been playing with REW for a while. I have a pair of speakers and rel strata sub, also a dac and integrated amp. I can only use the high level pass filter with the sub. All the forums seem to talk only about integration of subs with amps that have lpf filters. That isn't practical for me or...
  2. subwoofer integration question

    REW Forum
    I'm using REW to help integrate a subwoofer with main stereo speakers by equalizing their levels. Note that the pre-amp does not have test tones, so REW is what I'm using to generate pink noise from my laptop using a 3.5mm to dual RCA plugs (and then into the pre-amp). I'm using a Radio Shack...
  3. Four SVS Sub Integration

    REW Forum
    Well, I finally finished my systems EQ and managed to integrate all four SVS subs using REW (2xPB12NSD & 2xSB2000) and the subs to my satellite speakers using REW and Audyssey XT32. I thought that posting my final results and approach might be interesting to some readers. I could only get the...
  4. Integration sub with new receiver and new fronts, comments appreciated

    REW Forum
    Help to time alignment sub at xover with new front speakers Hello, I have new front speakers (B & W 705) and a new receiver (Rotel RSX-1562). My center and surrounds are PSB Alpha b series. The fronts are better than the others. The receiver does not have an automatic PEQ but have a 10 filters...
  5. NAD Introduces New Products Emphasizing Integration and Ease of Use

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    NAD has been in the audio business for the better part of 40 years. Originally founded in Britain by Dr. Martin Borish (who cut his teeth at Acoustic Research), the brand has been long known for performance on top of value. In fact, the company’s missions are simply stated as: Quality...
  6. New tower's for better subwoofer integration.

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello everyone. I am getting a new sub enclosure from funk audio for my home theater that will be using a tc sounds lms ultra 5400 18" paired up with 2 psi audio 18" radiator's tuned to 17.5 Hz. Right now I have Polk audio'd R40 towers and feel that they will not be able to keep me happy for...
  7. sub integration: 2-chan vs LFE

    Audio Processing
    I've been using REW to integrate my sub with the mains. In my Marantz AVR I set the sub level trim to 0db, mains to small, and crossover at 80hz (although mains will play down to 40hz). I then used REW along with room treatments and sub gain/PEQ to create a great curve and phase align the sub...
  8. Another Newbie question: RS SPL meter enough for sub integration or do I need Behringer ECM8000?

    REW Forum
    Hi, Audyssey seems to set my sub (JTR Cap S2) 6-10 dbs lower than the rest of the speakers (JTR Quintuple LCRs, Def Tech BPVX surrounds, Def Tech SM 450 Front Heights). Over the weekend I am planning to use REW to analyze and manually level match them (and also try pre-setting the sub to 75 db...
  9. Hitachi's new UltraVision TVs with Roku integration

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: FlatPanelsHD
  10. Sony wants tvs with better sound, tighter integration

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: FlatPanelsHD
  11. iPhone integration

    Mobile Audio
    I need to get a radio for my car and would like to get one that syncs to an iPhone well. My main uses are steaming internet radio but not just Pandora. A reliable Bluetooth integration with an external mic is also important to me. Double or single din would work for my car. It seems that...
  12. sono sub amp integration

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Has anyone successfully integrated a plate amp into the tube
  13. Feedback Requested. Dual Sub Integration

    REW Forum
    Spent some time with a friend trying to get my room dialed in. Just added another A7s-450 sub to the room. Now running Dual 18" sealed subs. One of them is EQ'd, the other is not at this point. Looking to know what you think about the below responses. Reponse is with Auddesey Equilization +...
  14. Surveillance Integration - Need Help

    System Setup and Connection
    This might be a little different kind of "help" than one would normally find on this forum. Long story short, I'm the founder of a home A/V distribution company (and a sponsor here), and we are looking to expand into the Security/Surveillance market but need some advice and help from folks...
  15. Boxee, RoxioNow integration means premium movie options on the way

    We'll probably be able to add some new content partners to the Boxee list shortly, now that the media streaming company is teaming with Sonic Solutions. Best known as the company behind the online movie stores for Best Buy and Blockbuster, that predictably means Boxee users should be able to...
  16. Line Driver/Preamplifier for Laptop Integration

    AV Home Theater
    I need to drive the output on my laptop for both my EP1500 and my plate amplifier (subwoofer). Right now I have the rca's split which is pretty suboptimal in terms of input voltage on the two amps. I am thinking about buying one of these Gemini PA-7000 Preamplifier As I understand it, it...
  17. Looking for input on XM Tuner integration with receiver

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Hi, I have recently purchased a Denon 2808CI receiver with XM capability and I am looking for a tuner that has been used by others with success concerning usability and audio quality. If anyone has been down this road or has it set up in their receiver, I would love to hear what your experience...
  18. Help Me Make Sense of Sub/Mains Integration Graph!

    REW Forum
    Upon occasion of removing most of the Auralex bass blockers from listening/family/guest/kid room today leaving one in each of the top 4 corners (too hardcore of a look for a multipurpose room:heehee:) and nothing else, I proceeded to rerun REW. Before today, I was experimenting with 2 full...
  19. Sub/Main Integration

    REW Forum
    Has anyone done a Primer/Help thread on integration of the sub with the mains using REW?
  20. Mains and sub integration.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I'm nearly done designing the box etc for my home sub and am not totally inexperienced with box design and how it wil sound in a room etc but haven't tried to integrate a vented sub before. The design I want to go with is 2 x 12's (isobarik) in a 85L box, with two 100mm x 870mm vents. There...