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  1. Home Audio Speakers
    Has anyone ever tried this? Comments? http://www.higherfi.com/speaker_position.htm
  2. REW Forum
    I'm having trouble getting a good measurement graph. I have set up my Alesis MultiMix8 as a sound card and have acheived calibrations as shown in the Help file examples. Everything appears to be going as expected, but when I actually take a room measurement, the curve is VERY smooth. Using a...
  3. REW Forum
    Hi guys, I've been using REW for quite sometime now, and I'm currently digging a little more on the interpretation of the impulse response. Attached to this post is my subwoofer impulse response. As you can see the strongest peak (100%) is positive. In order to obtain that positive peak I had...
  4. General Screen Discussion
    I'm going to try this again as the previous thread got way off track! :bigsmile: If you've been here awhile I'm sure you've seen either Bill or myself post a screen shot of an inverted image. Such as this: But I don't think we've ever explained the thought process behind it. In the DIY...
  5. REW Forum
    I'm trying to calibrate my sub with a BFD and a new RS analogue SPL meter but when I load the correction file it seems to work inverted. Here is what I mean. The first image is without the .cal file, the second image (with the black line being the calibration) is with the .cal file. Shouldn't...
1-5 of 5 Results