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  1. Need Good Sounding InWalls!

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hey everyone, I am in the search for a really great sounding set of the front three inwall speakers for a theater room. My room will only be used for movies and is roughly 12 1/2'x16' so I don't have a lot of real estate to work with and that's why I thought inwalls. Not to mention keep it a...
  2. insulation damage to in-walls?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi everyone, I just cut the holes for my in-ceiling speakers and, as expected, hit a bunch of pink blown insulation in the attic. I've read that this is good from an acoustic aspect, but I wonder about its effect on the speaker wiring? I have Polk RC60i. Since the back has exposed wiring, etc...
  3. Emotiva, Aperion or Axiom for in-walls

    Home Audio Speakers
    Howdy all, I'm currently redoing my modest home theater and have decided, after conferring with the wife, to go with a AT screen and in wall speakers for my front, left and right. My budget is fairly modest so I'm looking to get the best bang for my buck by going with one of the three internet...
  4. Surrounds, Inwalls or Dipole's

    Home Audio Speakers
    In my dedicated home theater I have Infinity Classia for the front soundstage , and RBH inwalls (A-616 models) for the rears. overall sound is very good but the surrounds could be better , but I just found a great deal on matching Classia C255ESBK dipoles and was thinking of changing them out...
  5. In-Walls

    Home Audio Speakers
    I'm in a new home, I really am liking the esthetics of in-walls, and am very much considering getting rid of my Paradigm Mini-Monitors as front L/R, CC-350 as a centre, Paradigm Titans for L/R rear surround and ADP-370's as side surrounds. What models of any brand would be considered of...