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  1. Yamaha ipod dock

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    I just got an ipod dock from Amazon for my Yamaha RX-V663(not installed yet). I ordered the YDS-10, but they shipped the YDS-11. Is this just the newer model? The spec sheet for the receiver says compatible with YDS-10. Does anyone know if the YDS-11 will be fine? :scratchhead:
  2. iPod Docking Station Connection to 2 Receivers

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello, My current setup is one Yamaha receiver (4 yrs old - low end) running my HT system and a Pioneer receiver (7-8 yrs old, lower end) running 3 pairs of speakers in other rooms. I would like to connect a basic iPod docking station for audio playback only, but want to be able to connect it...
  3. Need help connecting an ipod to system

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    hey all, I'm looking into this system or one like it http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/productDetail.do?oid=208702&WT.mc_n=4&WT.mc_t=U&cm_ven=COMPARISON%20SHOPPING&cm_cat=GOOGLE&cm_pla=DATAFEED->PRODUCTS&cm_ite=1%20PRODUCT&cm_keycode=4 the thing is that I need to put my ipod about 20 feet away from...
  4. Apple Safari Browser sneaks in with latest Ipod update.

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    Guys, I'm writing this from an apple browser named Safari, from my windows XP machine. it got installed today when I updated Itunes on my PC. it was a checkmark, that I could have unchecked, but I didn't see any harm in trying something new. I was surprised that it has replaced IE in my...
  5. Meridian Introduces iRIS for iPod Control

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    http://www.avrev.com/news/0907/06.meridian.jpg Meridian Introduces iRIS for iPod Control From: AVRev.com News Meridian Audio introduces and demonstrates a unique new enabler for the Apple Computer’s hugely popular iPod™ family of personal media devices at the 2007 CEDIA Expo. Like many other...
  6. here's something every ipod owner needs...

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    Someone had way too much time on their hands.... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000HWX1J8/ref=wl_it_dp/103-7561768-9664628?ie=UTF8&coliid=I6UQ97QTM13FK&colid=1YFS0DOU8J1YG
  7. Free Music - but not for Ipod

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    Has anyone seen the new music download service set up in co operation with universal, SpiralFrog.com say's that they will provide free music downloads with profits from advertising, caveat is that it will only be downloadable to PC, not burnable to CD and not playable to Ipods, does this sound...
  8. Apple iPod for daughter... HELP!

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    She's turning 16 Sunday and a car is not enough... :rolleyesno: kids! She wants an Apple ipod... it's gotta be an Apple ipod and it's gotta be white. 20GB's should be plenty enough and is more space than 1/2 the songs she has anyway. I see a bunch of these on ebay but they all appear to be...
  9. Nike+iPod = huh?

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    The most interesting thing about the upcoming Nike shoe that communicates wirelessly with your iPod is the name of the new device. Nike+iPod. Nike+iPod is a marriage of two eminently egotistic franchises and guess which one is wearing the sweatpants in the family? The iPod is well accustomed...