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  1. future islands

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    first watch the video then.. then live performance. Samuel T. Herring is wild. dave had no idea!!
  2. Hello from Canary Islands

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    It's for me an honor to share my time with all of yourselves. I'm sure you'll show me how to improve my equipment and room to get better acoustic sound and viewing experience. Excuse my bad english, please. Many thanks and regards Alex
  3. Hallow from Guernsey channel islands

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    GOOD DAY TO ALL From Guernsey Channel Islands The islands are 20 miles from the french coast In the English channel MY interests are Tube audio HIFI & SOUND RECORDING and cloning vintage audio studio equipment minuter engineering building Diy synthesizer,s Now that I ame retired :olddude:i...
  4. New guy representing the islands

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    Good morning all! I've been into audio and everything A/V related for a long time now. Started with the bug visiting my dad at work as he ran a record and electronics store. Everything grew from there... Looking forward to getting to know some people with the same disease! :T
  5. WTB: Channel Islands VDA-2 and VAC-1

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    Please let me know if you want to reduce clutter!