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  1. DIY Audio
    Yet another project I have going on while I am awaiting parts.... This one is for my wife turntable in our living room. I am in the process of building a sandbox out of Teak, and MDF. I am using 3 1/2" x 3/4" teak pieces of wood for the basic frame work. The plan is to make a MDF, or plywood...
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    I was inspired by Todd Anderson's test of the IsoAcoustics Aperta to do my own in-depth analysis of isolation including testing several devices. Enjoy: Testing Loudspeaker Isolation Products Enjoy! --Ethan
  3. Home Audio Subwoofers
    Just bought my first svs pb -2000 sub... just wondering if I should get the soundpath isolation feet for my hardwood floors. :) Anyone using them?
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    Mapleshades has some product called "isoblocks" which is a dual rubber membrane with a cork core. My uncle knows by these. The price isn't too extreme... $40 for a set for 2x2" and $24 for a set of 1.5" x 1.5" found here:http://shop.mapleshadestore.com/Isoblocks/products/1/ anyway my uncle...
  5. Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Principles of Mechanical Isolation and Mass-Coupling To Control Vibration In A/V Systems Cones, dots, blocks of maple, blocks of marble, magnets, ball bearings. Do they isolate? Do they couple? Do they help? Are they a waste of time and money? It is up to us as A/V consumers to use our...
  6. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Has anyone tried these? They look pretty good. I planned to use some channel and clips. However I was surprised at the cost! It will cost about 1000$ for enough to do my room. I need to get a price for these. install seems to be a little easier. http://www.kineticsnoise.com/arch/isomax.html
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    Just an announcement right now however many have noted that toriodal style isolation transformers can make audible and visual differences in AV gear but are not widely known. I want to personally test this myself so I can on my own testing see if there are any perceived gains. My original goal...
  8. Home Audio Speakers
    Has anyone had any experience using these stands? I have a need to place bookshelf speakers on top of an entertainment center. The claim is that these will decouple the speaker from the surface. What is your experience using these stands is such an application?
  9. General Service and Technical Information
    Hey guys... I'm more a lurker than contributor...but tried a search and didn't find anything on this subject. I recently had my mid 70's Thorens turntable (TD-160C) fully restored and I want to place it on top of my stereo cabinet to start using it, but am afraid that the bass from the dual...
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    I been reading on a site about isolation and coupling and decoupling , spikes w/o dampeners , wooden blaocks under amps.. I have a concrete floors w large throw rugs. I use spikes under my speakers and racks with dampeners, is this or what
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    Hi,Does anybody know of a reputable website where i can buy black diamond racing cones?I live in new zealand and cant get hold of any here. Much appreciated. IC
  12. DIY Audio
    I built this for a Rega Planar 3 that had a rumble problem. Here is one of my design drawings.
  13. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi there, this is my first post so hopefully you guys can help. Firstly this is not for a home theatre but a studio for mixing and mastering. I have recently purchased a lovely pair of PMC TB2S-AII monitors and already have some NS10s. I have these on a shelf I have built (out of 18mm MDF)...
  14. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi Everyone, I was hoping some of the experts here (cough, Bryan) could weigh-in on the value of subwoofer isolation platforms. I've heard both positives and negatives, as well as the effect being minimal unless it raises the sub a couple of feet off the floor (not going to fly with the wife!)...
  15. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Just wondering if anyone has ever given this a try. Not even sure if codes would allow for it but thought I would offer up the question. They don't seem as though they should be very difficult but idk.
  16. Home Audio Acoustics
    Why is isolation important? There are a variety of reasons. The most commonly recognized reason is to stop sound from bothering other people in the house or other people outside the room and the house/building. A more important reason is to stop sound from getting INTO the room. Why is this...
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    I Have a pair of low end Def Tech towers. The spikes that came with the speakers are not long enough to make contact with sub-floor due to thickness of carpet and pad. Although these speakers are the best speakers I have ever owned I do no they are not the best. Because I have heard better. I...
  18. Home Theater Design and Construction
    We built a new home about a year ago and used superior walls for our foundation. During construction, my builder introduced us to a product called insul-deck (learn about it here: http://www.insul-deck.org/product.htm) to use for our garage floor (on the main level). This would allow us to...
  19. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi All, I'm considering two options for my HT ceiling and I don't know which would be better. The rafters are 2700 (9') high so ceiling height isn't a major concern. I am planning a room within a room so I have isolated walls to support additional rafters as required. The existing rafters are...
  20. Home Audio Acoustics
    I'm about to purchase a new house (my first house actually) and the room where I am considering a home theater has some issues. First off, the house is a bilevel, and the living room and theater room are only separated by a flight of stairs. The theater room has no door, obviously this is going...
1-20 of 33 Results