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  1. LS50 Sound Issue

    AV Home Theater
    Hi all, Apologies in advance as I'm really new at this stuff, but I'm thankful for your help. A year ago I purchased Kef LS50 speakers and a Yamaha RX-A1070 receiver for my home theater. I also later purchased a SVS SB-2000 sub. I've been noticing when I watch TV, that when a character is...
  2. Clean Box Pro newbie issue

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Please be gentle as I am not a sound guy. I do photography and video. Shooting video at a pageant and wanted to connect to the sound board using the Clean Box Pro. We are connecting 1 XLR unbalanced line in to the CBP from the snake from the soundboard and then tried both the 1/8" to 1/8" on the...
  3. Laserdisc Pioneer cld-v2600 issue

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I was given a pioneer cld-v2600 and some laserdisc's from a friend. I hooked it up to my TV using the RCA cables and loaded a disc in. Everything loads and the disc plays and i get great audio but no video output. Tried different cables and connections but still no video. Any ideas on what could...
  4. MWBC Electrical Circuit issue

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Wondering if we have any electricians in the house? My issue is that I have a multiwire branch circuit (MWBC) running to the home theater room, one circuit goes to a small sink and is GFCI protected, the other circuit goes to the equipment area. The GFCI is the first outlet on the first...
  5. Denon X3300W and Ext amp issue

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I am having a problem trying to hook up a ext amp to Zone 2 for stereo listening. I have the Denon set for 7 channel with front height and everything souns great. When I add a ext amp to zone 2 on another set of speakers it comes through as distorted like a blown speaker. The amp id a Carver...
  6. Upgrade: Yamaha RX-V995 to Yamaha RX-AS710 Crossover issue

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hello, Helping my friend with this setup replacing V995 setup with crossover to AS710. I'm not experienced with a crossover so need some help here... When I connected speaker system as it was wired on V995 the 2 rear speakers are not working. I will run YPAO tomorrow but I'm not sure if I...
  7. Romote issue

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I need to replace my remote control the came with my Integra receiver, Problem is I can't find the exact remote looking for help as to another alternative. Thanks
  8. Computer Rebuild Issue

    REW Forum
    I've had to rebuild a computer from scratch. Scratch means no setup disk other than the Windows Win 7 Install. I had to find all drivers from the internet. I've got everything working audio wise, the Win 7 Sound screen can send HDMI audio out to each speaker, I can see the UMIK-1 microphone...
  9. REW on Macbook issue

    REW Forum
    Friends i installed REW on Macbook and using UMIK, followed the tutorial and got it working. Now when i start measuring Front Right, left or centre channel, subwoofer automatically kicks in and messes up the readings. I am using soundflowerbed and have selected only 1st HDMI input (rest all...
  10. Phase issue?

    REW Forum
    Can someone explain why the L and R speakers show something like phase cancellation e.g at 100hz? Is this normal? Thanks
  11. Playing BD movies from HDD possible drive issue

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I have been using an ?Oppo bdp 105d for some time now. Using a USB hub I connected four 4tb drives and other than the limitations you get from HDD like no memory of the last play I have had few issues. Recently I have had 2 issues one when I added a 5th drive movies from any drive have little...
  12. SOLVED: ASIO4ALL Issue - 'Not Connected'

    REW Forum
    Hi All - I'm trying to setup REW on my new HTPC and I've having some trouble. I've gone through the setup guide, configured all bitrate/depth's the same for umm-6 and HDMI device. In the ASIO4ALL control panel my "AMD High Definition Audio Device" is shown as greyed out and in idle state...
  13. REW 5.19 Beta4 - Remove all measurements issue ?

    REW Forum
    Hi, After upgrading to REW 5.19 beta4 it appears that loading previous measurements, then trying to remove all of them does not work anymore. After downgrading to REW 5.19 beta3 it works again. Regards.
  14. FR Import Issue

    REW Forum
    Hi folks, I'm trying to import a frequency response file into REW, but I am having some issues. The file imports successfully, but REW graphs values that aren't in the file and larger than the max value in the file. I'm a bit confused by this. Any thoughts as to why this may be occurring...
  15. DIY Crossover Issue Help

    DIY Speakers
    I have been working with DIY audio for years. I believe my understanding is somewhere in between intermediate to advance in terms of theory. I built my own home theater system and the goal was to stay moderately cheap. I used Dayton reference series for all my drivers. I'm happy with the overall...
  16. Mobile Issue

    Admin team to VS
    VS Tech - A member alerted me to some weird mobile behavior under the "Active Topic" category... Attempting to scroll through posts is a very jittery/disjointed experience. Scrolling is not smooth and is inaccurate. I tried to replicate and did. Can you please look into this?
  17. Multiple Measurement Issue

    REW Forum
    I just discovered REW and it is a fantastic tool. I joined because I have a problem. Everything seems to work EXCEPT taking multiple measurements. On the first measurement, I set the levels and I go from 0 hz to 5000 hz with 1M samples which takes 21.8 seconds. It works great and gives me an...
  18. Surround sound effect issue through 5.1 speaker

    System Setup and Connection
    I had recently bought new Yamaha Receiver HTR-3067 and Pioneer AJ-5235xt 5.1 speaker, and connected to LG LF6300 Smart LED Full HD TV. Now, when I am playing any content through TV, I am not getting 5.1 Surround effect from rear speakers. It is giving 2.1 effect through 5.1 speaker. Can...
  19. Issue measuring high latency system

    REW Forum
    Hi, My system has a high latency (around 1sec, due to FIR convolution...). I wonder if it is possible to add an option to delay the stop of the recording playback signal (like in HolmImpulse). I think this improvement would beneficits few people in the same situation as mine (I can circumver...
  20. Loopback issue

    REW Forum
    Hi, My name is Matthijs, im from the Netherlands and am also trying to get this working but whitout succes so far. I get stuck on the loopback part, im using an mk3 motu as interface but the results from the soundcard doesnt seem to be right and i realy dont understand why that is. i watched...