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  1. Jamestown Screen delivery times? 6 weeks and still no screen

    Manufactured Screens
    I've only called twice one was at the 4 week mark and the other was yesterday. First time some ice storm came through and yesterday he had some personal matters come up and was not in the office but told me to send an email which I did today. So I ordered on Feb 10th. Today is 6weeks starting...
  2. 120 aeon edge less or 130 jamestown

    General Screen Discussion
    Girlfriend decided she wanted the theater in a extra bedroom instead which means i can get a fixed screen. room is 14x14 one window and will be painted black. 120 inch elite aeon edge less with leds behind it ( really love the edge less look) or 130 jamestown not edge less but gain size...
  3. Jamestown curved screen

    Manufactured Screens
    I ordered one this morning! 105" wide 2.35 acoustically transparent. I was told 4 weeks and I will have it. I will share my impressions since it was this forum that led me to Jamestown
  4. Vapex or Jamestown screen?

    General Screen Discussion
    I have an Epson Home Cinema 1080UB. My room is 11'7" x14'4". I am looking at buying a 120" fixed-frame screen. Since we're currently buying a house, cost is a factor, so I found these two screens. I'd love to hear from people who have experience with one or the other or both. What are the...
  5. Jamestown Home Theater Screen review

    Manufactured Screens
    So last month I decided to jump into buying a real 120" 2,35:1 home theater screen but I found many manufacturers were very pricey in the size that I wanted. I was checking out eBay and found a guy who manufactures screen to order and the price was very reasonable so I contacted him and placed...