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  1. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Hi guys I'm new here I have a Jamo E 6CEN speaker , i have noticed this past year the sound has become dull. My floorstanding speakers Jamo E670 have better sound in the top end. I have been trying to find what tweeter and woofers i can put into it to make it sound better. The part number for...
  2. Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi all, this is my fast post on this forum. Really excited to join a forum for the first time. Got my home theater system and i was just wondering how is should setup the subwoofer settings. I.e phase, level and cut of. My receiver is set to 120 hz crossover. What would be the best recommended...
  3. AV Home Theater
    I bought a home with theater components included. The audio system is a Jamo Cinemaster and having found pics on google I have determined that it came out in 1999-2002. It is a gorgeous system with burlwood (I think) and curved Danish design on the surround speakers. To my surprise I found HUGE...
  4. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: Home Theater Magazine
  5. Great Deals and Specials
    Jamo S 426HCS 3 78% OFF | MSRP: $799.88 Free Shipping
  6. Great Deals and Specials
    Jamo Sub650 55% OFF | MSRP: $750 Free Shipping
  7. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Hi, I'm looking to buy an apple color pair of Jamo C401's or C601's speakers in good condition. I'm in S. Florida. Thanks.
  8. System Setup and Connection
    I have a jamo 340pd system with to extra front height setup and I have a have 360 sound bar and want to run it as a center speaker alone.do you guys think this will sound good our should I just run it as center and right and left and then use my right and left I have now on speaker out b or im I...
  9. DIY Speakers
    I have two of the jamo 340 systems and want to see what you guys think about building some custom enclosers will this be a good thing if I use same air space or should I just leave them alone I'm running 7.1 front height setup with a denon 1910 sounds good just want it to be better.I'm new to...
  10. Home Audio Speakers
    This my old set of Jamo Studio 170 speakers, but after upgrading from stereo amplifier to 5.1 and option on new Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver to run bi-wiring front speakers decided to modify my old speakers: First modification port moved from back panel on to front panel by doing this i can move...
  11. Great Deals and Specials
    Only $179.00 70% OFF | MSRP: $599.00 250 Available | 0 Sold as of 05/13/11 10:10am CDT Free Shipping
  12. Home Theater System Recommendations
    Just wanted to report that these are some excellent speakers for dipole effect. I purchased a pair and thought upon seeing them they were too small. Then upon further inspection realized they are quality built and didn't look too awful (large) on my wall. After listening to them, the...
  13. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    These are a pair of some very nice surround speakers from JAMO. Since I built a pair of surrounds that match my mains and center better - These are just collecting dust. {plus I need some money to get my wife:paddle: off my back after my last computer part purchase:help:} Specifications are as...
  14. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I have a 5.0 set of Jamo speakers for sale. The whole system is less than 3 months old, just decided to go a different route i.e. the wife didn't like how the finish looks in our room... Fronts: D400 with a real wood finish (New $800) Center: C60 (New $150) Surrounds: S60 (New $125) I'm...
  15. Home Theater System Recommendations
    Can anybody compare the follow two 5.0 sets for me? Fluance SXHTB+ - http://www.fluance.com/fluan5speaks.html $300 + $85 shipping = $385 total Jamo S 406 HCS 1 - http://www.vanns.com/shop/servlet/item/features/544674283/jamo-s-406-hcs-1-black?s_c=site_search $250 w/ free shipping = $250 total...
  16. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Jamo speakers I have a 5.0 set of Jamo speakers. The whole system is less than 3 months old, just decided to go a different route i.e. the wife didn't like how the finish looks in our room... Fronts: D400 with a real wood finish (New $800) Center: C60 (New $150) Surrounds: S60 (New...
  17. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    1 pair of white dipole surround speakers. Forward firing side (in phase) has a 5 3/4" poly woofer and a 3/4" tweet, rear facing driver is a 4 1/2" paper coned midrange that is in it's own enclosure to prevent cancellation. Cosmetically 7-8 out of 10, with some scuffs and smudges on the grille...
  18. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I have a BRAND NEW IN THE BOX pair of Jamo R909's. They are Black Piano finish. They are absolutely beautiful. The reviews of this speaker all glowing and of the highest caliber. These speakers are open, dynamic and totally free of any box colorations. Checkout 6 moons for a review. Here is a...
  19. Home Audio Subwoofers
    Does anyone have any input on this subwoofer? I can't seem to find any reviews on the internet. Your opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  20. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
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1-20 of 23 Results