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  1. Home Theater Projectors
    Actually I don't have any video projector, and before Xmas I decided for the JVC HD350 for it's picture quality and remote lens function and placed an order at Amazon.de. Yesterday I got a phone call, that they had an error in their stock and they won't be able to deliver, and there won't be...
  2. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    A JVC AV-65WP74 came in today. Has the typical problems of convergance circuit failure, tearing, bowed, blue lines in upper 6" of screen. I was wondering if anyone has experience putting the STK394-160E IC's into a JVC? I don't believe the sub should be a problem as the JVC board leaves pin #3...
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  7. Home Theater Projectors
    I have recently bought an X3 with 4 pairs of the official JVC PK-AG1-B glasses. I went to clean a smudge off of 1 of them and when I held it up to my kitchen light I noticed, on the left eye lens there was what looked like loads of tiny scratches. I was a bit concerned so I opened the other 3...
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  9. JVC
    Hi I bought a JVC HD52G887 52-Inch HDILA Rear Projection TV on craigslist earlier this summer. I have a polk audio surround sound system that I want to hook up to the TV. I know that the surround sound system works because I have an ipod plugged in and it sounds great. The problem seems to be...
  10. Manufactured Screens
    I'm coming from a diy paint screen and now I would like to purchase a screen for $1000.00 and under for now. But in the future save for a more expensive screen. My room conditions is not a bat cave but I can make it completely dark. ( widows , ceiling , and front half of walls have blackout...
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  12. JVC
    How do I make the RX-5060 stay off when power goes out? Just had the power flash for a few seconds and stereo came right back on. This is the second time this has done this since I've had the stereo. Thank you
  13. Home Theater Projectors
    Selling off my RS2 after JVC re certifies it and I've been thinking if you had the choice, would you buy a JVC DLA RS25/HD950 or a JVC DLA RS40/X3? I'm still shooting on a 119" matt white 1.1 gain screen. The 1300 ansi rating on the RS40/X3 has been shown to not to be exactly accurate. And...
  14. JVC
    :help: I am in need of an owners manual for a JVC HR-S5100U SVHS Operators Manual. I have been looking for some time and am out of ideas. If you can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. :dumbcrazy:
  15. JVC
    First, I bought it used. Second, I didn't get the original remote and had to buy a universal remote. Third, it worked perfectly for the first couple of months. Then, out of the blue, it would no longer turn off with just a simple push of the remote control off button or the tv power button. To...
  16. DIY Screens
    Will Black widow be a good screen for JVC RS 50/60 in a reasonably light controlled room? Or C&S ultra be a better choice?
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  18. Home Theater Projectors
    Blu-ray 3D works great, but I'm stumped trying to get side-by-side 3D (e.g., Comcast broadcasts, Xbox games that support 3D) to work - I just see the two images. Appreciate any tips. Projector is JVC DLA-RS50U3D. Thanks!
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  20. Home Theater Projectors
    First, a big thanks to Kal for his post- Grayscale for dummies. Finally got around to calibrating the JVC RS-15 and I thought I would share the results. The RS-15 is a great projector and throws a pretty decent image straight out of the box. Calibrate it and it gets even better. Overall its a...