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  1. KLH 10-100

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Is this a quality sub.. I can get it for 30 dollars, I know its a lot older not to sure what it retails at would be hooking it up to a Onkyo TX SR805
  2. old school KLH, worth anything?

    Home Audio Speakers
    i paid 25$ for these old school KLH 1590s and a JVC 100w per channel reciever. audio quality is tons better than the sony junk i sold. curious if these are worth holding onto, or selling to someone else to upgrade. i ask because this friday, the interest-free refund i gave the federal gov't...
  3. KLH speakers, Internal bracing

    Home Audio Speakers
    Ok, before someone rips into this post I must say that I dont have these KLH floor standing speakers by choice. I hate them but for now they have to do. My good system is in the basement in my theater room. Ok now for the question... My two channel system up in my living room has these KLH...