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  1. Klipsch R-820F (Part II)

    Home Audio Speakers
    After living with these for a few months, I decided to do have a "showdown" between all of my tower speakers. The others in the lineup were: VMPS Mini Tower IIA BIC Venturi DV-84 The VMPS Tower II SE did not participate, due to size and weight! The BIC's are surprising good, especially for...
  2. 1st Take: Klipsch RP-160M

    Home Audio Speakers
    These arrived a few days ago, and I have been running them 24/7 for a proper break in. My reference CD's are "Matt Bianco, featuring Basia" (matt's mood), "Lee Ritenour" (Wes Bound), and "Gordon Goodwin's The Phat Pack". In addition, a good amount of classical listening was done via a local FM...
  3. Klipsch R-820F Overview

    Home Audio Speakers
    Got a pair of these delivered last night, from Best Buy. On sale, at a bargain price with free delivery. I have been breaking them in over the last 24 hours. I am shocked at how good these sound. Almost on par with my larger, and much more expensive VMPS Towers. The lower octaves come through...
  4. Klipsch speakers are up to 46% off today only

    Vendor Deals
    Bundled in with Amazon's many last-minute holiday deals, we spotted a trio of sales on Klipsch this morning that you really shouldn't miss. At the front of the pack, their Black Reference Theater Pack surround sound system is slashed by 46%, bringing its price down to only $539. The kit includes...
  5. Klipsch Reference 7 series vrs. SVS MTS series

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hey Everyone, I've recently been entertaining the idea of selling my Klipsch Reference 7 speakers, and going with the new SVS MTS line. I realize these two speaker's are completely different, in that SVS utilizes a different tweeter technology than Klipsch's horn loaded tweeters. I will be using...
  6. Klipsch SUB-12 vs PB12-NSD or PC12-NSD

    Hey guys I am looking for your expertise and see who has some real world experience with the SUB-12 and to help me decide if a new sub is going to be a night/day experience. I have a theater room that measures 24x15 with 8ft cieling, carpeted floor, sheetrocked walls, big furniture. My...
  7. FS: Klipsch S-1 Surrounds

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Hey everyone, got a pair of Klipsch S-1 surrounds that I conservatively rate 9/10 on appearance. I'm asking $175 for them and buyer pays shipping from Harrisonburg, VA. I bought them a a few months ago and I am only selling them because I need extra cash for a new amp.
  8. KLIPSCH S4 and S2 in ear canal headphones

    Headphones | Head Gear
    Klipsch, a speaker well known for many years for their horn loaded speakers, has developed a decent line of headphones. Continuing in that tradition, available in May or June, are the in ear S4 and S2 headphones. Both priced under a $100.00. Klipsch's New Affordable Audiophile Ear Buds *...
  9. Klipsch Sub-12 Subwoofer

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Anyone care to comment on this sub? Positive or Negative input is welcome. Thought of buying this for $250 obo while I save up for the mighty SVS sub I can't stop thinking about. LOL
  10. Upgrading to Klipsch Reference (& a new amp?)

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello everyone, just wanted to check in with some experts for advise regarding my 5 channel music setup: Pioneer VSX-818V-K powering Klipsch B3's (current mains), a C-3 center, S-1 surrounds, and a synergy Sub-10. The room size is 15 x 30 ft ft. Although I am very happy with my system, I would...
  11. Stands for Klipsch quintet III

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi does any one have these speakers and if u do can u put stands on them and does anyone know where to get some?
  12. Klipsch Heritage System

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    I have been a fan of Klipsch speakers since the late 1960s. I have worked my way up to a full Klipsch Heritage system for my HT that includes the following: Front L/R: Klipschorns, oiled walnut, 1998 vintage. Center: Belle Klipsch, oiled walnut, also 1998 vintage. Side surrounds: Klipsch...
  13. Klipsch new guy question

    Home Audio Speakers
    hey , guys im new to this whole spkeaker thing so i decided to try something else besides those HTIB ones. I found the KLIPSCH F-1 system (2xf-1s,1xc-1,2xs-1,1Xksw sub) for 940$ + free shipping, i was wondering if theres anything better for this price range? i looked and looked and could not...
  14. Definitive vs Klipsch

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I can not decide which subwoofer I should get. Any input would be great. Here are the two I am looking at: Definitive Prosub 1000 - Klipsch sub 12 The Prosub is a 10" that is supposely hits like a 12, but the klipsch 12" is suppose to be great for movies but not so much for music listening...
  15. FS: Klipsch Heresy II Speakers

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    Sold! Thanx for looking. The Heresy II's phenomenal sound comes from a 1" tweeter, a 1-1/2" midrange, a mid frequency horn & a 12" woofer. The cabinets are 21-3/8" tall, 15-1/2" wide & 13-1/4" deep. Each speaker weighs 35+ lbs. See klipsch.com/products/details/heresy-ii.aspx for complete...
  16. Klipsch B3's like to kill hard drives?

    AV Home Theater
    Hey everyone, so I've owned a pair of klipsch B3's for a few months now and they've worked wonders until just recently. In the past few weeks, 2 hard drives on 2 different laptops have died on different occasions while the computers were playing music and were positioned inbetween the B3's (2...
  17. Klipsch RF 7 or RF 52?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Am making a small home theater. Have shortlisted Klipsch, but am recommended RF7 and RF 52 by two different vendors. Not able to hear both, because here in India there are limited demo options. So need help in deciding which one of the two i should go for. Have decided on Onkyo (most...
  18. Official Klipsch Owners Thread

    Home Audio Speakers
    Well, I didn't see one yet, and didn't see a Manufacturers section on here, so I figured I'd start a Klipsch owners thread. I own F2's, C2 center, and S1 surrounds. I have a Sub 12, and a RW10 for the lows! I also have a pair of B2's for rear surrounds, but my current house does not have...
  19. old skool Paradigm vs. Klipsch which would you buy?

    Home Audio Speakers
    If you were looking to buy some used speakers and you had these two options (as I do) which would you prefer? Paradigam Phamtom for $100? or Klipsch KG4.2 for $200 These are not the exact speakers I am looking at buying but this is a link to refresh those who don't recall what the...
  20. Klipsch Forte II question.

    Home Audio Speakers
    I've read online that alot of owners of these speakers upgrade the crossovers. Does anyone know how I could aquire said crossovers? I'm not sure if there is a kit you can buy, or if you have to just replace parts. Any help is greatly appreciated!! :T