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  1. DIY Screens
    Hello everyone! Long time lurker here but just registered a few minutes ago, so this is my first real post. For well over a year I've been thinking about painting either my wall or some Sintra (Komatex) that I can obtain inexpensively through a friend who owns a sign shop. I noticed several...
  2. DIY Screens
    Hey Everyone, I'm new here. I've learned a lot already from just reading the different forums. Excited to join! Just wondering if there is any difference between Komatex vs Sintra. I've heard they are just different brands of the same product. There is a place about a little over an hour...
  3. DIY Screens
    I thought this forum could use a DIY thread, so here goes. Komatex 6mm Sherwin Williams Unique Gray 48"x82" (~90" 16:9 screen) Couple questions. 1) Which side of the komatex should I paint on? 2) Do I need two coats? If yes, how long do I need to wait before painting the second coat? I'll...
1-3 of 3 Results