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  1. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Ok I bought this TV in 2003 and it has been rarely used for the past 9 years. I recently had cleaners clean my house and when I turned the TV on I noticed the classic 3d affect. I did some research and ordered 2 STK560 convergence chips. After I installed them the picture was the same. I noticed...
  2. Sony
    KP65WS510 model NEW stk IC's. All fuses good. All resistors good. -22v circuit missing. Reading 1.0v. On my particular model in the user menu it allows you to go in and adjust convergence using a crosshair grid. Im not sure if this is the same as going into the service menu. It also has a...
  3. Sony
    Recently the screen of my KP57WS510 got damaged (yeah, I screwed up!) so I parted the set out. While selling the D board I found something interesting - though the service manual only shows the 57 & 65" sets using the A-1302-180-A board it seems the 51" sets did too. In fact the lady I sold my...
1-3 of 3 Results