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  1. Replacement for Krell 20i

    CD Players | Turntables
    After 25 years my Krell 20i kicked the bucket and I am looking for a replacement. However, I am presently converting my system to HT but trying to maintain the capabilities of a 2 channel system. I will be less dependent upon the CD player since I recently incorporated a Innous Zenith III...
  2. Damaged Krell Showcase 7 getting repaired now :)

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Been awhile but I've been swamped. Enjoying lots of movies though. For those that remember I had issues with the channels going out in my Showcase 7 amp where distortion was taking place. I went to Indiana to enjoy some family time and took the amp with me and dropped it off with my uncle who...
  3. Krell Amp going bad - Options/Opinions

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    So I'll just let the rabbit out now... Purchased my showcase 7 12/14 and got it up and running 1/15. This entire year I've used it and it's worked out pretty good... no issues. Except that around 6 months after ownership I had one channel go bad.... so I moved to another and it lasted about 3...
  4. New York Audio Show, Rye NY

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    Anyone planning to attend the NY Audio Show, November 6-8, 2015? We're exhibiting with Datasat, Krell, Marantz and Sony's SS-AR1 speakers all controlled by Savant. Plus a few surprises. Hope to see fellow HTS members. -Robert
  5. Krell > Denon... ewww yuck eeek yikes

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Well my X4000 has began resetting all the time so I'm sending it off for warranty. In the mean time I bought a X1100W to use (I bought it for the wife for her TV downstairs to use w/ the tiny NHT speakers I used previously) Needless to say... going from the X4000 as a preamp/processor and...
  6. old school Krell 7.1 or current Emotiva, Marantz, etc pre/pro

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    In the last few months I sold my Marantz Av7005 pre/pro and got an Emotiva UMC-200. While I like the size of the unit and a couple features the Emotiva offers, such as exceptional sound, it has issues. Notably, with at least my Tivo as input, I get the dreaded "digital noise" spike going through...
  7. Krell Showcase processor + Oppo + miniDSP Dirac vs AVR?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Thinking of swapping out the X4000 to a Krell Showcase 7.1 processor which yes... is a bit dated but has the Krell build/sound. Now... for me to get this to work right I would have to buy the Oppo 105 so I can have the Oppo do all the DAC decoding for the DTS-MA signalling (or TRUEHD) and use...
  8. My first purchase for my theater... Krell

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    My first purchase toward my home theater setup. I picked up a 7 channel Krell Showcase 7 from 04' for $1800. This will ultimately slow things down and I'll have to go screenless/subless for a few months until I can get either of them but till then I'll paint the wall and just enjoy surround...
  9. Krell Illusion Processor

    Audio Processing
    Just received our store demo Krell 2-Channel Illusion Processor and 2-Channel Class A iBias Amplifiers. Setting up Krell's new iBias DUO Series Stereo amplifier and the Illusion II Processor in our showroom has raised my bar for reference 2-channel audio. Krell's new processor and iBias...
  10. Krell Introduces Two New Preamplifiers: The Illusion and Illusion II

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    There’s an old adage that rings painfully true: If you need to ask how much insurance costs for a Ferrari...then you shouldn’t consider buying a Ferrari. Unfortunately, the essence of that logic can be applied to most high end audio products that enthusiasts see passing before their eyes...
  11. Change preamplifier (krell) can be or not the best choice?

    Audio Processing
    Hi to everybody. I wanted to ask you a suggestion on the integration him an audio processor in my chain of home theather. To the moment my room theather, is composed of sperakers of the brand B&W, and is compound of nr.08 speaker (of which nr.02 floor speakers for "front wide dsx" dsp), and then...
  12. My Dilemna with Krell Showcase

    System Setup and Connection
    Here is my dilemma. I am new to the audio world and just purchased a Krell Showcase 5 and the matching amp. The Krell Showcase does not have HDMI. I have a Panasonic TC-P50ST50 HDTV. To connect composite cables to the TV an AV adapter cable is required which I have since purchased. The rest of...
  13. Krell vs Emotiva

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Need a 3 channel amp to drive my B&W HTM2 diamond and 805's in the rear. Already have Krell EV600e's for the front 802's. Considering Krell EV3250e or even S1500 but have read good reviews on Emotiva power amps. Yes I know there is a big price difference. Anyone did direct comparison? Any ideas...
  14. Krell KSA 100 Stereo Amplifier

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: Home Theater Magazine
  15. Krell Industries Launches the Foundation A/V Processor at CES 2013

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: BigPictureBigSound
  16. Krell Readies Second Of 4 New Components

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: TWICE
  17. Krell Modulari Ion first pics

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi all, (mods let me know if this is ok) I'm a bit giddy to say that I've got the first pictures of Krell's Modulari Ion pictures right here (I supervised final assembly of them): http://wp.me/p8WY3-ly They'll be making their official debut at CEDIA 2011 in Indianapolis tomorrow. We're quite...
  18. Krell HTS 7.1, does it decode AAC

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi, I have no clue on what this code is, but does the Krell HTS 7.1 decode it? And where does this code come from? I tried emailing Krell, but they don't seem to be responding to anyone.
  19. Need help configuring Krell Showcase processor

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I just connected all my gears with this processor on HT setup and now trying to do the calibration and settings on this processor. I am really a bit loss on how to properly calibrate this processor as the manual itself is not very detail about the advanced calibration option. Can someone share...
  20. Emotiva XPA-2 compared to Krell KAV 2250

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Has anyone had a chance to listen to both of these amps? I have only lived with the KAV 2250 for a short time. The Emotiva has good reviews and I like the power. Thoughts? Thanks.