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  1. Used Pioneer Kuro

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    Guys I need some suggestions please! There is a used 60" Kuro that sells for 850. The TV is around 6 years old. Is it worth spending that much on one? I can tell you the TV is well kept. Also it comes with a soundbar and the wall mount. I don't care for the soundbar but if it's included why...
  2. Pretty Neat Pioneer Kuro Article

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    Hello, Home Theater Magazine just published an article about Pioneer's Kuro Plasmas which discusses what made/makes them so special. In addition, it also discusses how Panasonic did indeed purchase most of Pioneer's PDP Patents and also hired most of the Engineers who developed the Kuro's...
  3. Pioneer Kuro Pro-141fd Value....

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I'm thinking of selling my Kuro Pro-141fd 60" Plasma, but I don't want to find out that these are actually still going up in value 2 years from now.......any info leading to this and what do you think that the unit is worth today? Thanks!
  4. Pioneer Kuro 141FD problem

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    Hi everbody I have in my posssesion a Pioneer Kuro PRO-141FD always used my Oppo Blue ray using imput 5. Yesterday tried usung HDMI cable from OTA box to the imput 6 and will not work also tried 6,7 and 8. Phoned Pioneer help desk with no luck. I am stumped as to what to do next. Any help...
  5. Pioneer kuro 111-Denon 4810 ci-dcx3400

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    Had a strange occurance while Charter tried to install my new DVR. Connected with the highest speed Monster HDMI cable it refused to accept. Was prompted by TV (I believe and not the receiver) to use component cables to receive access. Newer brand DVR, (like last 2 weeks so I was told). It...
  6. Projector to compete with Pioneer Kuro Elite Plasma

    Home Theater Projectors
    I'm adding a dedicated home theater room to my house, and now that I have the Kuro in my living room I want to make sure the projector I put in the theater room isn't a big let down in picture quality in comparison. However, like most people I am on a budget. I would prefer to stick with...
  7. Pioneer Kuro 600m vs Pro 141FD Elite

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    Does anyone know the difference between these two models:huh:
  8. Pioneer Kuro KRP-600M, 60" Plasma Monitor

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    I've taken possession of a 600M and I've been too busy watching it to get in here and review it for you. But now, without further ado.. Here’s some background. The current Pioneer KURO 60" models include: PRO-151FD - Elite TV - $6500 MSRP PRO-141FD - Elite Monitor - $7000 MSRP KRP-600M -...
  9. FS: Pioneer Kuro KRP-500M In Boston

    Classifieds - Video Displays and Projectors
    Just got this and I decided to upgrade to the 600m (the 60" version). This TV is incredible! Its 2.5 inches deep...1080p etc. It has less than 100hrs on it ans has been calibrated. Looking for $1700 Here are the Specs -...
  10. FS: Pioneer Elite Kuro PDP-1150HD

    Classifieds - Video Displays and Projectors
    ***SOLD***Pioneer Elite Kuro PDP-1150HD ***SOLD*** I am going bigger and am selling my Pioneer Elite 1150HD. It has been very well taken care of. It has ~1050hrs on it. *Included would be a Peerless ST-660 Tilt Wall Mount. Speakers were never used and remain new in unopened box. Stand and...