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  1. Best among ribbon vs polypropelene vs laminate bicarbonatespeakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    Which one sounds better among the cone in speakers
  2. Best adhesive to laminate layers and dampen vibration

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I am going to build a huge box and am planning on layer some half in ply I have with three quarter MDF. I would assume I would want an adhesive that will stay pliable to help dampen the vibrations I would expect from panels this big and also prevent some transfer of energy to my house since this...
  3. Need help repairing laminate screen

    DIY Screens
    I've got a 110" Wilsonart screen that I glued to two pieces of pegboard (using that little flash video we've all seen, except I didn't do the tape thing) then mounted using wood screws (on the peg board border up top) to the wall. The bottom is resting on a felt covered strip of mounted wood...
  4. Grey or White Laminate?

    DIY Screens
    Hi All, I currently have an 80" DW screen, but I am getting a new projector and will be building a new 100" screen. I see lots of builds for DW but not so much for Grey. What's the appropriate applications for Grey screens? My room/gear. Room: 14x20, light controlled, can be completely dark...
  5. Downfiring Subwoofer on Laminate Floor

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Anybody have a downfiring sub on laminate floor? My 4" plank floor floats on dense foam pad on concrete slab. If so, are there any problems with it?
  6. Paint or Laminate

    DIY Screens
    Hi, I currently have a 118" Wisonart DW screen in a room with plenty of light during the day but I can eliminate most of the light with curtains and shades. At night it is pretty well light controlled but I have a white ceiling that lights up like neon off of the DW screen. I am thinking of...
  7. Laminate Screen for Acer H5360

    DIY Screens
    Hello all! I have been doing quite a bit of reading on projectors lately, as when I bought a house a couple months that was one of my main desires. I have a 20'x20' room (it's 2 additions to the back of the house, each 10'x10'), with unfortunate design. It's the only room large enough and...
  8. How to clean a laminate screen?

    DIY Screens
    I made a beautiful WilsonArt Screen and I love it! The only question is... What is the best method for cleaning off the inevitable smudges and smears that happened during construction? I can see them during a white scene and they are driving me nuts. So...method and product, or item to use...
  9. Laminate screen mounted on pegboard. Time to mount to wall and velvet tape it. Need suggestions please.

    DIY Screens
    So I have the screen mounted on pegboard just like the little video suggests. The question is...Do I mount it to the wall first, then project an image, THEN put on the velvet tape? Or... Do I mark off a 16:9 rectangle (8x4.5) on the screen THEN velvet tape it and then hang it? If you've done...
  10. my new DIY laminate

    DIY Screens
    I just finished a new DIY screen using Wilsonart Designer White as screen material on an MDF backing. My projector is an Epson Home Cinema 6100. I give a warning to those using MDF, due to its weight and fiber construction, when I used french cleats to mount it the screws didnt hold the...
  11. Best ways to laminate boards.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    So i have my ideas on how to do this, i'm looking for yours. I need to laminate 3 pieces of 3/4" MDF together, the size is large as it is for 4 -15" possibly 18" IB subs. The baffle will be roughly 20" X 80" so i'm looking for the best way to glue these up or other methods without having air...
  12. Can you show me your Laminate screen?

    DIY Screens
    I'd like to make a Laminate screen. I heard good things. Can you guys show me your Laminate screens with a moving playing and without. Any recommendations would be fantastic. (colour, make and so on)
  13. JVC HD550 with Wilsonart Laminate

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello Everyone, My first post, and I'm very happy to be part of this forum. Thanks in advance to all for their input and shared knowledge. I placed an order for a JVC HD550(RS15) this afternoon, and it should be in tomorrow. I'm very excited and can't wait to unbox and get it fired up. This...
  14. Painting Laminate

    DIY Screens
    So just when I had decided that buying a screen would be easiest, I was in Lowe's today and they have 49" x 8' sheet of Formica white matte laminate for $10! I have decided a grey screen is best for my situation based on feedback from the forum, so the question is can I paint this laminate with...
  15. backboard for wilson art laminate

    DIY Screens
    Hello, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster! I am in the planning stages of putting together my first projection screen home theater. I have read a lot, and I have decided that Wilson art Designer white laminate is the best thing for my situation. My situation is I have a fairly dark...
  16. Laminate screen build using substrate question

    DIY Screens
    I'm in the planing stage of building my screen from a sheet of Wilsonart 5x8 Fashion Gray Laminate. My question is, if using two sheets of hard board, as demonstrated in the peg board method, for a 110"/54"x96" screen, how do you join the two pieces of hard board together? I'm guessing once you...
  17. Laminate Screen Color Choice

    General Screen Discussion
    Hi Guys, I recently bought an Infocus SP5000 projector, and have pretty much decided to go with a laminate screen. It seems to me like the easiest diy route, and the screen shots I have seen look great. At this point I'm thinking about going with fashion gray. I have a large window in my...
  18. Laminate Mounting Methods, Pros and Cons

    General Screen Discussion
    I've read laminate threads discussing various mounting techniques. They seem to break down into two general methods: Method A: Laminate is attached directly to the frame. Method B: Laminate is attached to an underlying substrate, such as 1/4" plywood or peg board and the resultant sandwich...
  19. Wilsonart Platinum Laminate

    General Screen Discussion
    Hey Mech.... Couldn't find a sample card of Platinum at HD. What shade does it fall in between? Has anyone speculated on how it will perform?
  20. My laminate screenshots..

    DIY Screens
    I built a laminate screen in the thread link below. Instead of filling the thread with more pictures I decided to start a new one. The laminate used was a special color code. The projector was the Epson HC 720 and I was sitting about 12' away. I suggest you read the screen build thread first...