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    The A94 is the most under rated, or should I say non rated, display of 2011 and I like it second only to the Elite. On/Off contrast black level is .003 fL, down from .008 on the 2010 A91. Peak white output calibrated in the Advanced modes is 30 fL, up from 21 last year. Better 3D than any...
  2. Home Theater Projectors
    MITSUBISHI L75-A91 75" LASERVUE TV is fantastic. I know there is LCD & Plasma but are there Laser other than pico units. Thanks
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    I have a few questions for you folks: 1. Would someone be kind enough to share his/her experience with the Mits LaserVue? How does it compare to the other Mits DLPs in terms of performance (color, contrast, etc.) and how does it rank next to LCD in terms of the deep black features? Their...
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    One of the dealers that I service finally got one of these sets for demo. I have not been able to make any measurements yet but did get to play with the set some and have some subjective observations. I will report measurements and calibration results later. First of all, before the set was...
1-4 of 4 Results