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  1. New Forum Section Has Been Launched: Staff A-V Insights

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    Home Theater Shack recently launched a new sub-forum called "Staff A-V Insights," which can be found under the "General Shack Area" forum section. The section was largely born as the brain-child of veteran HTS Staff Writer and Audio Gear Reviewer, Wayne Myers. The idea behind Staff A-V...
  2. NBA 2K11 3D for PS3 launched as Best Buy timed exclusive today

    Just when we thought we were getting out from under the spectre of exclusive 3D releases on Blu-ray we're hit with one from a very unexpected source in the form of an exclusive NBA 2K11 3D for PS3 SKU, available only at Best Buy. The only apparent difference in this version is its support for...
  3. Adobe Media Player & Adobe TV officially launched

    Filed under: Listings Since everyone else is launching a Flash-based video portal, Adobe itself is mixing things up with the AIR-powered Adobe TV. Via the new Adobe Media Player (AMP) 1.0 standalone app, users browse through assorted content from partners like CBS, Universal Music Group, Viacom...