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  1. 2 channel, left and right speakers only graphs

    REW Forum
    Hello I've a got 2 channel system, no sub, I'm going to be adding room treatments (some corner triangles first) but wanted to do some measurements first to find what peaks (and valleys effect my room). I'm awaiting some y-adapters so in the mean time I did measurements on the left and right...
  2. left right and center setup questions

    Home Audio Speakers
    I have two Polk Rti70s tower speakers as left and right (surrounds also) channels, a Polk Csi40 center channel, and a subwoofer I recently eqalized. I am using the bass management on my XA2 and PCM analog out to my amplifiers. A problem I have is when I setup all channels, inculding the...
  3. Kicker L7 12's . Left over from my tahoe..Can I use these?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I have a finished recroom in my basement that is 22x17 with a 7' insulated drop ceiling and wood floor. I read posts here for a few hours about different powered subs and dont really have the cash to buy multiple powered subs that are going to run over 1k. I have 2 new Kicker L7 (square type)...
  4. New Horror goodies left over from halloween

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Picked up a few goodies over Halloween and have a chance to review them. Evil Dead II: THX Texas Chainsaw Massacre II: Special Edition So here is the lowdown, both movies are lacking in terms of storyline and acting and are the least interesting in the world. What both have are great special...