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  1. using rew with LFE

    Audio Processing
    hi all, i have a 7.2.4 setup & want to get the best out of my x2 subwoofers (BK XXLS400's) so my question is...... can/should i use REW when i'm using LFE from my receiver (pioneer LX59) thank you, lee. :grin2:
  2. Help! - Does my receiver add +10bd to LFE?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey everyone. I'm setting up a new system, and I'm having difficulty knowing if my receiver already adds +10bd to the LFE. There is no discreet setting for LFE, but there is individual volume control for the SWFR. However, the range of this setting is -10db to +10bd (adjustable in 0.5db...
  3. HELP! Noise on LFE pre-outs (Onkyo)

    System Setup and Connection
    Here's my situation. I use an Onkyo TX-NR809 as a pre/pro feeding an ATI-1505 for LCR+LR duty and an ATI 1502 to power a dual 15" IB. The signal feeding the 1505 seems to be fine with no real noise. However I get a substantial hum/noise coming from the sub-woofers if I increase the sub signal...
  4. Getting REW to use the lfe channel

    REW Forum
    Hi I notice that under "Preferences" I can select "use subwoofer to check levels". When this is selected it seems as if REW is sending all the sound to the LFE channel and the sub's get's the signal. But when I run measures (clicking on the "Measure" icon and the select "Start measuring") REW...
  5. Audyssey XT32 + SubEQ HT with no LFE sub

    Audio Processing
    Will Audyssey XT32 + SubEQ HT provide the same corrections and work the same way if setting LFE/SUB to no and FR/FL mains to Large? I would like to take advantage of the subs in pure direct stereo mode and other by-pass options I am considering. This is for a secondary theater room I want to...
  6. Triple subs... 2 for mains and one for LFE?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I'm really wanting to pair a set of REL T5s to my NHT Superzeros as I really perfer the quick sound they offer but I know that dual T5s won't be hitting much db below 40hz for the movies.... will work great for music but I think I'll be left with more to desire. Was thinking of having a third...
  7. sub integration: 2-chan vs LFE

    Audio Processing
    I've been using REW to integrate my sub with the mains. In my Marantz AVR I set the sub level trim to 0db, mains to small, and crossover at 80hz (although mains will play down to 40hz). I then used REW along with room treatments and sub gain/PEQ to create a great curve and phase align the sub...
  8. Under floor Buttkicker LFE or other transducer experience?

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    I'm curious if anybody has any experience with using a bass transducer under a suspended floor they would be able to share? I did a search here and found one post in another thread where somebody spoke about a positive experience, though that was a few years ago, hence my starting a new thread...
  9. Which movies/chapters in your collection have the best LFE

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Let's begin! For starters in my collection it's War of the Worlds and Tron Legacy, Pacific Rim and 9.
  10. How should I go about getting 2.1 including LFE?

    System Setup and Connection
    This question is probably sacrilege to many/most of you here, but I'm going to ask anyhow because if there's a viable answer this is where I'll find it. Firstoff, let me clarify that I have a 5.1 surround system in my TV lounge and this is where we watch movies. My questions don't relate to...
  11. LFE Sub Crossover

    REW Forum
    Hi i am doing a bit off experimenting I am using the sub for LFE for multichannel only no bass management at all, using another sub to naturally roll of the bottom end of the speakers. Should i disable the LFE sub crossover or is there a LFE crossover standard? Thanks in advance
  12. LFE channel audio filter on some new release movies???

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Ok, so I have now been reading and can attest to the fact (as I can tell) that it seems that some movies are now coming out with a filter on the LFE channel! First out of the gate was the Hobbit with a 50Hz filter and now Star Trek into darkness with a 30Hz filter. What is up with that! Is...
  13. First LFE sub project

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    I am new to this forum but thanks to the imagination and projects of others here I am considering on expanding my system with a first DIY build project for the LFE signal. Maybe I should first set the stage. I have an audiophile system in my living room based on a fanless PC I assembled, an ASR...
  14. MCACC and LFE Channel

    Audio Processing
    Does anyone know with certainty if MCACC adds in 10 DB to the LFE channel calibration?
  15. LFE

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I am trying to setup my new Denon AVR 3313CI. A couple of things here. When I ran the AMEQ it told me that my FL and FR speaker wires were reversed. They were not but I switched them anyway in order to complete the setup without error?? Also, I have connected the LFE from the AVR to the FR,FL...
  16. LFE filtered by Xover Setting?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    So I learned recently that Pioneer receivers actually filter the LFE channel based on Xover settings. I tested my receiver and confirmed, after which I posted this... "Well,, this is disappointing. Now I gotta go back and rewatch all of my movies. I did confirm what was stated here recently by...
  17. ButtKicker LFE

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    a guy at work was telling me about this buttkicker was wondering if anybody has used it and what they thought about them :scratch: I guess if you have good subs you would not need it, but...
  18. LFE + Bass Management Question

    Audio Processing
    I've been caught in this dilemma for quite a long time now but seems I'm chasing my own tail. As I understand; Bass and LFE are two separate things. I use my HT purely for movies. I cailbrate my sub in REW to dial a house curve, which pretty much rises by 6-7dB till 28hz starting from 80hz...
  19. It's time to build a DIY Ported 20Hz- Sub, single 15" or 4x 8"

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    So I'm looking to build my first DIY sub for my home theatre, I've build plenty of sub boxes for car audio in the long ago past but this is my first for a home. There are so many options out there now that I would love some feedback on some of the ideas I have and figure this thread can serve...
  20. LFE Help

    REW Forum
    Hi i am trying something different with my setup 1. Running my mains full range 2. LFE to my Velodyne DD15 Question 1. On my Yamaha Z9 what frequency should i set it to, what is the highest recorded LFE frequency? 2. Should the level be the same as both mains combined? Thank you