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  1. REW Forum
    Got the SB external for my laptop. Dumb question, where is the line OUT? I can only find the line in jack. Are the headphone jacks used as line level?:innocent: Thx
  2. Home Audio Speakers
    I auditioned PSB Image T45s the other day and I liked what I heard. The depth of the soundstage as well as the general imaging really impressed me. But, I just don't see much chatter about the T45s in particular or any PSB speakers in general. Whereas Paradigm speakers seem to get lots of forum...
  3. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hey guys, 4 RL-p 12s or 15s for the ported box and 4 RL-p 15s for the line array. My room is 2.122 cubic ft. If I go with the line array I will have to build two, one on each side (2 15s on each one) what I don't understand on a IB set up is how far the back wall needs to be from...
  4. Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    If you Don't already have it...Get It SOON!!! A little story, We had a few storms roll thru and I had a small surge protector only for all ht components; receiver, dvd, New HDTV DLP, cable DVR box, etc. Wife was concerned we had before lost my computer from a storm that still managed to get...
  5. Home Audio Subwoofers
    My current set up is 1 x Richter Krakatoa 100W RMS sub with subwoofer pre-out from Pioneer VSX D814 receiver. I just read about wiring subs with two cables coming from main speakers out of receiver with one cable going to main speakers and one going to subs speaker in, can someone clarify this...
181-185 of 186 Results