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  1. Record Frequency Sweep via Linux Terminal & Export to REW On Windows

    REW Forum
    I have used REW on Windows for some time, but I've also started putting together an active stereo system controlled by a minimal install of Ubuntu Server. Since I assume REW on Linux requires a graphical interface, is there a way to simply record a frequency sweep through the terminal which I...
  2. REW and linux mint

    REW Forum
    Hi, recent versions fails to run, only Rew 5.0 runs fine but a bit outdated... OS is linux mint 18, I try with openjdk and Oracle's jdk with same results. So I'm asking for some help... Rew 5.18 fails with : $ java -jar RoomEQ_Wizard_obf.jar Exception in thread "main"...
  3. REW 5.16 on Linux: Exception com.sun.media.sound.DirectAudioDevice$DirectClip cannot be cast to javax.sound.sampled.SourceDataLine

    REW Forum
    REW sometimes works for me if I choose actual audio-devices in preferences (best chances after rebooting and deleting REW config), otherwise it starts but audio output doesn't work: Checking Levels, Calibrating and measuring don't output any sound. Choosing Pulse Audio Mixer as input and...
  4. REV linux java 8 problem with umik

    REW Forum
    . have following INPUT device error message after REW has started and proposed the identified UMIK-1 mic: System: - ubuntu 15.10 64bit - nuc 5i7ryh with the latest bios - 16G ram - java 8 from ubuntu package center - removed earlier v6 and v7 - 44k or 48k input has same error any idea what...
  5. Setting up REW on Linux

    REW Forum
    I was able to get REW downloaded to my laptop running Linux. I am using a UMIK-1 for input and output is a Schiit Modi. Earlier this week setup was easy, after some slight configuation I was takeing a couple of measurements. Now I went to stat up and am getting an error "unable to access...
  6. Question for Linux users: Multi-channel output

    REW Forum
    I think I'm getting an old PC from work that is in a group of machines that is being obsoleted by IT. I plan to use it to make an HTPC based on Ubuntu/Kodi. I want REW on the box for convenient testing purposes. My plan was to go Windows and load up HCFR as well video monitor calibration but...
  7. FreeBSD using the Linux version

    REW Forum
    I installed the Linux version on FreeBSD. The installer worked fine. But on start I get a message of not finding the mixer device(s). What device names does it expect? And what is happening with pulseaudio as I get errors from there, too? But of course if it is true that it won't work with...
  8. Output to USB DAC on Linux

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am using REW on a Linux machine running Xubuntu 14.04. The PC is connected to my stereo system through an USB AC2 compliant DAC. The input is an USB microphone. When I try to output some sound using either of 'Check Levels...', 'SPL Meter', 'Generator' or 'Measure' functions the sound...
  9. REW Output Issues on XUbuntu (Linux)

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am new to both REW and this forum. I've searched a fair bit on both google and this forum for older threads covering my problem with no luck, so I'm posting this as a last hope attempt. I've recently purchased a miniDSP UMIK-1 mic and installed REW on my Laptop. I can successfully...
  10. REW linux installer corrupted?

    REW Forum
    Hi, It seem that the rew .sh installer is corrupted... Here is the output when i try to install it; curl -O -L http://www.roomeqwizard.com/installers/REW_linux_5_11.sh % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload...
  11. Capture button not working issue with Linux filenames

    REW Forum
    When trying to save a graph in REW with the Capture button, everything seemed to work fine, but no file was saved. After several tries with different settings: still no file saved. Searching the forum and looking in the log file it seemed that there is an issue with upper and lower case...
  12. Installation via GNU/Linux distributions

    REW Forum
    Would you like to have REW to be installable via GNU/Linux distributions such as Debiand and Ubuntu? This would lower the threshold for people to install it and will add aditional quality assurance and testing.
  13. Audio issues - REW 5.01 Beta 19 Linux 14.04

    REW Forum
    Hi all, Anyone know of any issues with REW 5.01 Beta 19 Linux 14.04 that cause an inconsistent output? It pulses on and off. Cheers, Andy :help:
  14. TS-Parameter issue (on Linux?)

    REW Forum
    Hi, there! I have a problem calculating Thiele-Small-parameters with the corresponding tool. I'm using the stable Version of REW 5.0 on Debian stable with OpenJDK 6 but I also tried Debian Sid on another computer with no change. With OpenJDK 7 REW didn't work at all... To my problem: I have...
  15. newbie

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, brand newm don't know if I can be of any use.:innocent: Been a singer for 19 years, now lead a 4 piece 50s and 60s rock & roll band called the tkc band. (can be seen on youtube) Have 2X300watt Mackie Active speakers (don't know if I should be proud of that lol) Guided by a Peavey PV10...
  16. REW lost in Linux

    REW Forum
    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have an idiots guide to installing REW on Linux. "How" is the question. I unzipped now how does it install. What installer will install this software as I have tried and am now close to giving in. Has anyone installed this successfully? There appears to be very little...
  17. Audigy 2 ZS on Linux: measurements are erratic

    REW Forum
    Hi, I'm using REW 5 on Linux, with an Audigy 2 ZS, ALSA driver, and I'm experiencing quite erratic behavior. The first example is this non-smoothed measurement of my sound system: And this waterfall plot shows the problem that if I sweep up to 20 kHz, it ends with a squeeck sound: When I...
  18. Linux users and their soundcards?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi: How many of you are using Linux to run REW, and what sound IO hardware are you using? So far, I've come up with the ART Dual USB Pre as the most likely candidate for an external USB interface compatible with Linux.
  19. REW, Linux & MAUDIO2496 not working

    REW Forum
    Hi all, this is my first post and english is not my native language, so please excuse any mistakes i should make. I joined this forum mainly to be able to download the REW software. From what i have seen and read about in the helpfiles it looks really good. Great work. Unfortunately i have run...
  20. REW on Linux - JRE7.3

    REW Forum
    Anybody on Linux having problems to generate waterfalls, smoothed graphs, etc.?