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  1. Lip Sync Issues

    AV Home Theater
    Am I the only one with this problem? No matter what setting is used, the audio/video is out of sync. The audio has been delayed up to 70ms, and backed down to zero delay. Out of sync. It appears that the audio actually needs to be accelerated, or the video slowed down...but that does not seem to...
  2. Lip sync - audio lagging, how to delay video?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi guys (and gals?)-- Googling lip sync will give you about 100 hits of pages talking about video processing requiring audio delay to match. And they'll all tell you about your AVR (or TV, or...) setting to inject audio delay. I battle lip sync almost constantly. I can usually get...
  3. Lip sync / audio delay

    AV Home Theater
    Hi, I have a Panasonic P42GT50 TV and a Panasonic BDT130 Blu Ray player. My AV receiver is a bit out of date; a NAD T752, so I have to feed it the audio via optical. I notice lip sync issues sometimes when watching Blu Ray. Does anyone know if the TV tells the Blu Ray player what the delay...
  4. Sony BDV-E980 home cinema lip sync

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I just bought a Sony BDV-E980 home cinema a few weeks ago but have noticed an annoying problem, the lip sync always seems to be out on bluray movies (haven't tried dvd), if I pause and resume it's a hit and go try, sometimes it's worse others it's better, it's never played without lipsync...
  5. New Sony has lip sync problems. Any help?

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I bought a new Sony BDP-S770 Blu-Ray player and the audio does not line up with the video. Any advice on how to fix this? I'm getting no joy from this player in this condition. The owner's manual states that there is supposed to be an AV Sync function, but it seems to be unavailable from the...
  6. DVD lip synch issues

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    A few of my DVD's have lip synch issues. Patton (first edition) has several stretches of the movie in which there is a noticeable lag. For the Love of the Game is also terrible...never in synch at all.