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  1. no sound after loading rew file into minidsp

    REW Forum
    so i have been fighting this issue and could not get it figured out. I first thought I had a bad board in my minidsp 2x4. but I reset it to factory and it worked with audio going through it. when I import the rew file into minidsp all the levels for all filters are -10 to -15 Db and I end up...
  2. Is this driver suitable for horn loading?

    DIY Speakers
    I have the following drivers x 4, are they suitable for horn loading? Etone 831, 200mm driver, treated paper cone. fs - 41 Hz Bl - 12.1 Qms - 3.59 Qes - 0.36 Qts - 0.33 Vas - 26.6L Sd - 213.8 cm2 Spl - 90.3 Re - 6.8 ohm Xmax - 4mm one way Pe - 100W RMS They seem to lack bass in the current...
  3. BFD FBQ1000 not loading settings after power off

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have a BFD FBQ1000 that is not loading settings from preset after being powered off. Verified with REW via RTA and measurement sweeps. Only way for settings to take effect is to put unit into bypass mode then back to operation mode or make a change and then change it back. I tried leaving...
  4. horn loading pa mids

    DIY Speakers
    Hello all I have a set of 12" pa woofers that i would like to horn load,I have the specs for a standard ported enclosure to get an F3 of 48hz.I'm not planning on running them that low,need a bandwidth of about 150hz to 800 hz or so.Does the enclosure still need to be made to spec when front horn...
  5. Severe error loading REW - please help.

    REW Forum
    Hello all. I have just DL'd a copy of REW, installed all the Java updates, installed REW but cannot load the thing. Each time I try, I am greeted with: java.lang.NullPointerException occurred during startup See Details for more information Upon opening the details box, it says: Message...
  6. How To Speed Up Firefox Page Loading

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I found this on another forum and tried it, it really works! The following is the instructions. Here's something for broadband people that will really speed Firefox up: 1.Type about:config into the address bar and hit return. Scroll down and look for the following entries...
  7. Pics of HT Construction

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I hope I'm in the right place. My HT is not finished and I only have this one picture that I will be using as a "before" shot of the redesign of the displayed area. If I've posted in the wrong area, please direct me to the right place.
  8. Problems loading ecm8000 mic cal file plus spl meter file

    REW Forum
    Hi... I've tried to load these files but keep on getting a pop up stating (invalid or curupt jar-file etc)
  9. Graphics loading problems

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Hey Guys, I would like to survey if anyone is having any problems with the site in the last week with regard to random missing gifs and jpgs. The missing graphics is combined with a general slowness in loading. Below are a few snapshots of the type of problems I'm referring to. This is...