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  1. Pro logic 2z ceiling reflect like Atmos?

    Audio Processing
    I have been looking at the Dolby Atmos stuff. That's a ways off for me, but it got me thinking. They have speakers that aim up to reflect off of the ceiling to simulate ceiling speakers. I have a Denon 2113 that has the Dolby Prologic 2z. I'm in a rental right now so I don't want to mount the...
  2. Sound Science / Shaker Logic Audio

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) '13 Show Coverage
    Sound Science / Shaker Logic Audio - Room 1125 There were two systems setup in the room that used some of the same components. The shared components included: Component | MSRP Sound Science Music Vault M7 | $5,595 Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DAC | $5,500 Townshend Rock 7 turntable |...
  3. Can I still use an old pro logic reciever for cable TV?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have an old Sony receiver that has the original pro logic processor and I have enough equipment to do a 4.0 setup in my living room.(Phantom center, 2 surrounds) It will be used for casual TV watching and some gaming. Will cable TV/Xbox 360 send pro logic over the stereo cables? I know Xbox...
  4. Case Logic Large Camcorder Case - Only $7.99 - Save 73%

    Great Deals and Specials
    Only $7.99 73% OFF | MSRP: $29.99 500 Avaialable | 0 Sold as of 10/16/10 7:50pm CDT Free Shipping
  5. Apple Logic Studio - Logic Pro 9 or Logic 9

    Pro Audio
    Anyone using the Apple Logic Studio Logic 9 or Logic Pro 9 ? What do you guys think about it vs. the competition?
  6. Best SSL Plugins (Solid State Logic) Audio Plugins

    Pro Audio
    What are your favorite SSL Plugins (Solid State Logic) Audio Plugins? I can't upload mine right now, but will do so later on.
  7. Case Logic Digital Camera Case - Only $7.99 - Save 53%

    Great Deals and Specials
    Only $7.99 53% OFF | MSRP: $16.99 298 Avaialable | 2 Sold as of 12/31/09 5:50pm CST Free Shipping
  8. Logic, Semantics, Conclusions and Philosophy

    AV Home Theater
    Below is an article by one of our members, Izzy Marrone (windowman99), that he wrote at a member of the NJ Audio Society. I thought it was very interesting and worthy of posting here for discussion and/or comments, with his permission of course. Logic, Semantics, Conclusions and Philosophy...
  9. Direct vs Pro logic

    Home Audio Speakers
    I noticed when i was playing music on my stereo that when I have it in Dolby Prologic "Enhanced" or "normal" that my music doesnt seem as bright as when I have it in just "direct"/"effect off". It seems to be missing the width, treble and the overall "mid" volume decreases. I would say...
  10. Denon 4308: can't decide if it plays Dolby Digital or Pro Logic II

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Sorry if this has been brought up already... I seem to recall seeing it somewhere, but now can't find the thread... This new Denon 4308 of mine: I'm feeding it an optical input from the PS3, and a coaxial input from the Denon DVD-5000. Both are set to "digital" input and the "PCM" light is...
  11. Need basic information of hometheater logic???

    AV Home Theater
    :dizzy: Need basic understanding of TV's 780i-1080i and other basic stuff?? Is there a general link for this information?? Looking to get HD-TV, but don't understand what they are talking about?? Need HELP