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  1. Loose imaging when I EQ

    REW Forum
    Hi as the title says. I have a Antimode Dual Core 2.0 that has Auto EQ as well as manual EQ. It also has 4 profiles/presets. I have 2 x free profiles that i can use for experimental purposes. 1. Is there frequencies or something else that effect imaging? 2. Also is there frequencies or...
  2. Loose connection in my center speaker

    DIY Speakers
    i built the tritrix and my center has a loose connection. i thumped on the ground and the speaker went out. i smacked it and it came back. seems like there is a loose connection... right? i broker her open but couldn't see a bad connection. maybe one of the crossover components is bad? i'll just...
  3. Elite Screens EZ Frame CineGrey 100" Comes Loose

    Manufactured Screens
    I have an Elite Screens EZ Frame CineGrey 100" and it only came with two small brackets - one top & one bottom. With the center brace taking up the groove in the dead center of the screen frame, you have to position the brackets slightly off center. I alternated mine to the right (top) and...
  4. loose hdmi out on pioneer elite 60 inch plasma

    My son wiggled the hdmi cable while it was plugged in. it is now loose and will not provide a picture. i have switched to component, but Play station 3 only has HDMI connectors. Is there a way to replace HDMI output on tv or is there a way to connect ps3 to tv? I have tried the cable that has...
  5. At what point do we loose color banding and crawling pixels?

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Or maybe I should be asking something more like: why are there specs for things like refresh-rate and contrast, but no spec for pixel-crawling or color banding? (or are there, and I'm missing it?) Point being for myself: I'm tight with the dollar. My wife would like a larger screen than our...
  6. Noobie on the loose

    New Member Introductions
    Hi. Post #1. New member. Been lurking on and off for a while. Probably be looking for help with a AVR purchase. Thanks.
  7. Universal lets loose a few Back to the Future Blu-ray teasers (video)

    We're still more than a month shy of the Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy pack shipping on Blu-ray, but if you just can't wait HighDefDiscNews points out a few snippets of special features Universal's posted on YouTube. Check out the videos (embedded after the break) for a couple...
  8. Help! Starting to loose the plot

    REW Forum
    Hi there, I have spent every night this week until 1am trying to sort out my EQing using REW. I can get my graph nice and flat no problems but when I produce a waterfall graph it all goes wrong. I have run two measurements using the same bfd filters and the waterfall graphs are completely...
  9. Blu-ray joins HD DVD -- both cracked via loose keys

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Today Blu-ray joined HD DVD with one of its titles having its keys grabbed from a PC software player and used to decrypt the file: He/she then posted the file on rapidshare for download. That makes both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc having titles available for illegal download. :nono: This does...