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  1. Please help! I "lose" sounds in certain songs with 2 Channel Setup

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey guys, I just bought a pair of used Celestion F30's that i've paired with a sub from my old 5.1 Athena Micra-6 speakers. The problem I'm getting is that when my receiver is on 2 CH mode or Auto Format Decode (which puts it in 2 CH + Sub) I LOSE certain sounds in songs. For example in the song...
  2. How many 9 year old girls does it take to make one lose their hearing???

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Answer: ONE! Unfortunately for me, I have 7 of there here tonight for my daughters B-Day party sleepover! I pulled out my sound pressure meter and showed the 100Db+ spikes to my oldest daughter. "SEE! They are MUCH louder than what I usually play my music at!" BTW: Major kudos to my eldest...
  3. Will multiple HDMI connections lose quality?

    System Setup and Connection
    Running HDMI from my DVD to my projector. The easy way would be a single cable with little holes in the wall and ceiling. The other way would be a short cable from DVD to a wall plate, then a long cable from wall plate up to the ceiling plate at the projector, then another short cable from...
  4. Mitsubishi WD-52725 do you lose sound when the lamp goes?

    Yesterday my TV picture went away, I knew my lamp didn't have a lot of time left on it, but I also lost sound. I have had a bulb go before but I don't recall losing sound. I had a new bulb on hand, but one without a cage where I had to pull the old buld out and insert the new in the cage. We...
  5. My build is dead! About to lose it - need some numbers and info!

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Long story short (please don't ask for more right now - I am losing it after this) my dual ED 19ov.02 LLT sono build just wont work. I am not handy and made too many errors that added up and ruined the build. I am trying to salvage it my making 2 smaller sealed sonos that I may co-locate to get...
  6. How much will I lose with IB?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I currently have two RL-p15 in LLT tubes tuned to 13.5Hz. They are awesome, and really rattle my bones when I want them to. But IF I were to use them for IB, how much would I lose in SPL and headroom? They are D2s driven by an EP2500.
  7. Lose EQ Correction Settings Between Measurements?

    REW Forum
    Greets, I was comfortable with the prior rev. of REW but this latest version is throwing me for a loop. When I take a measurement, I want my prior-measurement EQ settings left intact so that I can build on them. However it seems that with each measurement my prior EQ settings are lost [so I...
  8. Good Sub Cable w/Cheap Y-Cable... Lose Quality?

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I have a decent sub cable: Audioquest Class A, and I have a cheap $2.00 WalMart RCA Y-Cable so I can plug into both amp inputs (I know I can plug into one - but I find more power with two). Am I eliminating all the benefits of a nice sub cable by finishing it off with a cheap y-cable? Thank...