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  1. Roomie and Grafik Eye QS Automation question

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have purchased and installed a Grafik Eye QS system. I purchased and installed with the unit the QS-CI-NWK-E - Ethernet interface module QSE-IO - contact closure IO interface Have them installed and can telnet to the ethernet interface - and via the telnet interface select the zone...
  2. Purchasing a Lutron Grafik EYE QS system

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Has anyone out there purchased one of these? It is apparently the newer system - replacing the 3000. However, after completing the design tool and getting a bill of materials for one - i cannot find them anywhere. Not even the Lutron web site. Has anyone ever purchased one and where? Andy
  3. Black Lutron Maestro IR switches - replacement parts?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Does anyone know where (or if) I could find black colored switch parts for Lutron Maestro IR switches? I know they make them - they sell them in quite a few different colors... but I don't want to spend $120 to replace my 3 switches just to get them in black. I have been poking around online...
  4. Lutron Maestro Question

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'm planning on installing the lutron Maestro Ir dimmers for a cheap and hopefully easy lighting set-up in my home theater. I want to be able to have two or three zones by using two or three maestro dimmers. My question is, do i need three Ir dimmers, or can i just get one IR dimmer with 2...
  5. lutron grafik eye, which one?

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    hey guy's, I'm looking into a grafik eye for my ht room. I will have 3 zones of lighting and would like one extra zone for future expansion. My question is which lutron system do i require? the GRX 3000 series or the QS series. From reading i think both will work for my needs, but was...
  6. FS: Lutron spacer dimmers NIB. $50 shipped

    Classifieds - Remotes, Cables and Accessories
    I have 5 600 watt lutron spacer single pole infrared dimmers for sale. Color is white. $50 usps priority mail to your door for $50. Never opened, these are extras. These are the dimmers to have. You can easily set up and control multiple light scenes with the lutron remote and master controller...
  7. Lutron Spacer.. non-newb question

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    I just picked up 10 spacers (cause I got them for $2 a piece :rubeyes::T) even though I only have three zones but here is the question: I have a harmony 890 remote that will control the spacers but it has been said that you don't need the lutron master control unit to create separate lighting...
  8. Lutron

    Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. www.lutron.com 7200 Suter Road Coopersburg, PA 18036-1299 610-282-3800 Customer Service 888-LUT-RON1 Tech Support 800-523-9466 Tech data http://www.lutron.com/technical_info/ Lutron support is generally considered to be very good. There are several cooments...
  9. Lutron Maestro IR Dimmers for Media Room Lights

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    Hello, I am investigating ways to remotely control the lights in my media room. Ideally I would like to dim them down when I start a movie and bring them back up when I pause or stop the movie. I have 4 recessed cans each pair on its own switch, and 120V rope lighting in crown molding and on...
  10. Lutron

    General Service and Technical Information
    Lutron specializes in lighting controls, both for home and commercial use. I've had occasion to deal several times with their tech support and customer service people. Afaik, Lutron does not sell direct to the public but there is a large dealer network and a thriving market on eBay for the...