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  1. SVSound
    http://www.lsound.no/webedit_images/6476_normal.jpgThundering budget sound! Yamaha and SVS have a potent combination for those of you looking for maximum entertainment for your money. Compact but powerful speakers, and solid electronics makes a promise of grand home theatre sound without...
  2. SVSound
    http://www.lsound.no/webedit_images/4388_normal.jpgMonster bass If you are the kind of person that can not get enough bass, keep on reading! We have put SVS’s largest model to the test, and it will rock both your senses and your furniture. It came as a shock to us when the shipping...
  3. SVSound
    Dear members, We (L-Sound, an exclusive SVS dealer in Europe) have made some translations of Norwegian SVS reviews into English. There are probably some bad English/grammar, but please don't judge us! :) http://www.lsound.no/webedit_images/11326_normal.jpgReviewed by Audun Hage, Lyd & Bilde...
1-3 of 3 Results