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  1. REW 5.18-5.19Beta6: reliability of results on MAC?

    REW Forum
    Hello all, my name is Gaetano, from Italy. I'm an electronic engineer and I've a "medium" recording studio in Naples. A few days ago, I decided to re-perform some measurements of my speakers, Yamaha MSP7 studio, in my control room, taking also the opportunity for comparing the MSP7s with the...
  2. REW and Mac OSX 10.11.6

    REW Forum
    For quite a few years I have used REW with my Macbook Pro/Mandalane MDA/Behringer UCA 202 via USB. I dont have HDMI connection available. Recently I had to update OSX to El Capitan 10.11.6 . Mandalane MDA no longer works. REW no longer works. I have searched this forum for help but couldnt find...
  3. rew installer not work on my mac mini 10.11.14 el capitan

    REW Forum
    i tried any kind of versions.. i still see "room eq wizard installer" is damaged and can't be open. you must reject the disk ... any help would be glad !!
  4. BD grey screen and no menu on mac mini

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Dear experts, I've just started to play my BD with VLC on mac mini, since it's zone free. I'm using an I/O external USB player and the mini is a mid 2011, osx 10.12.1, 8gb 1333 ram, and it's used only as media player, so no data inside Everything is running smoothly (DTS & Dolby recognized...
  5. V.5.17 Beta 11 Acoustic Timing Reference Not Working with HDMI on MAC

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am new to REW and the forum. I installed V.5.17 B11 and was setting it up using my MacBook air speakers and my Berhinger ECM8000 connected to my IrigPro interface. The timing reference sound is heard when I run the measurement. When I connect to HDMI, the timing reference is not...
  6. Measuring multichannel with Mac

    REW Forum
    Dear Forum members, I am using REW 5.15 on a Mac and would like to measure the speakers latency of a 7.1 system. Currently I am pulling the cables one at a time to make measurements. The reason is that I get only a stereo (2 channels) at best. It takes a long time. Any better option? My...
  7. Equalizer for mac w multiple outputs

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi All - this is my first post here and I'd like to solicit your opinions about how to best manage all the eq on my loudspeakers sets. I run all the audio in my home from my mac-mini via HDMI, 2 USBs and Apple TV all going to different amps and speakers. I'd like to apply unique equalization to...
  8. Trouble with soundflower on mac

    REW Forum
    I'm trying to get REW up and running on my macbook. Using a displayport to hdmi converter and plugg hdmi into Pioneer receiver. I can see my screen on tv so hdmi is working. I installed soundflower and REW. Went to midi and sound setup and selected 48K and 5.1 audio. started soundflower and...
  9. AB Switch with HDMI, Mac and 2 TVs

    System Setup and Connection
    I've been searching for a compatible unit to AB Switch with HDMI, Mac and 2 TVs. I hope the info below will suffice for answering question of "how to connect successfully." Here are the units: Setup: Originating output, MacMini, Processor is 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 El Capitan up-to-date. TV1...
  10. Getting REW to see USB Mic on Mac is too hard

    REW Forum
    [EDIT: 2015-10-13 NOTICE: see post #16 for an explanation of why this issue is happening, before posting please. A solution is yet to be offered.] I'm sorry, but I've followed all the hints on HTS REW Forum for getting this extremely simple thing to work, and I am beyond merely frustrated. I...
  11. Need Help with MAC Setup

    REW Forum
    Hello Everyone! I have: MACBook Pro Retina (mid 2014) with OS X Yosemite (10.10.5) UMIK1 with 0/90 cal files Marantz SR6010 AVR Connecting HDMI from MBP to AVR REW v5.13 JRE 1.8.0_45 Been through the install guides, help, and many posts. I want to VERIFY that I have everything setup correctly...
  12. Help - what am I doing wrong? USB Mic gain on mac...

    REW Forum
    Just started with REW yesterday! First attempts at measurement seem to indicate something badly wrong with my setup, but I'm flummoxed. My Setup: MacBook Pro (OS 10.9.5) HDMI out to my receiver, testing one channel at a time as per these instructions USB UMIK-1 Sweep 0Hz to...
  13. REW eq filters for mac AU Lab

    REW Forum
    Hello, I was wondering if there's any way of exporting/converting the equalizer settings from REW to be used with (Mac) AU Lab Parametric EQ or other free EQ that can be used in AU Lab. Seems like a sensible thing to do.
  14. REW Input/Output - Mac OS

    REW Forum
    Good day I've been studying and watching a lot of Videos and resources online regarding the setup/calibration of REW. I am running Mac OS 10.8.3 with REW v5.12 Under Preferences one can set the Input/Output device. I am unable to select/see which input/output to use for the calibration test...
  15. Looking for a REW for Mac expert for a little guidence

    REW Forum
    Looking to do a room analysis with REW. I don't feel like spending a few hours trying to figure out how to use the software. Hoping to find someone who will get on a Skype with me and walk me through what I need to do for an easy $50. PM me if interested and available today. Thanks.
  16. Bug when exporting text file for mini dsp on Mac

    REW Forum
    I just discovered a bug when exporting a filter spec (biquad) text file for mini dsp on Mac. I'm running Yosemite, latest version. I think the default file name was minidsp.txt or else I initially named it that. Regardless, REW kept calling it an error every time I tried to save it, saying that...
  17. REW for Mac

    REW Forum
    Hey guys, How are you? I'm working in a project in college that we have to do some acoustic treatment in a room. We have used REW in college to do all out readings. I'm currently trying to analyze all the graph in order to write my report, I have just downloaded REW on my Macbook pro, however...
  18. My first REW measurement - UMIK-1 + HDMI on Mac

    REW Forum
    My first REW measurement - UMIK-1 + HDMI on Mac - Advice please Just completed my first measurement today. Could someone review and let me know if I the measurements look correctly? In addition, what any improvement should I make to my room? I have attached my measurement here for your...
  19. Getting Started - Mac

    REW Forum
    I am just getting started with REW installed on a Mac Laptop. The laptop is a few years old so it doesn't have and HDMI port. I have a thunderbolt to HDMI connection enroute. I have a UMIK enroute. I have REW installed. I haven't installed the SoundFlower Bed App. I just want to confirm...
  20. install REW on mac computers

    REW Forum
    Hello, i bought a new mac, and i would like also to install the REW on mac, but i get this massage "RoomEQ_Wizard_obf.jar” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer", it would be great if you could please let me know what should i do? Thank you, Sahar