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  1. HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I have been working on this TV for my sister and brother inlaw. It wouldn't power on but I fixed that by replacing a couple of capacitors on the power board - Philips 2300KEG033A/F. That fixed the power problem however there is no sound. Checking board I found there is neither of the 12v+ or...
  2. Philips / Magnavox
    Right side of screen has a dark shade in the picture.Does anyone know what could cause this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,Taylor
  3. Philips / Magnavox
    I have a Magnavox 42MF337b tv. When I went to power it on last night the fuse blew. I replaced the fuse today and it blew again. Can someone please tell me how to start troubleshooting the problem?
  4. Philips / Magnavox
    I have the 42 in lcd tv mag 42mf337b that has no picture. The backlight is on and I have sound, but no picture or displays. I have replaced the t-con board to no avail. I am a novice with this type of thing, but I do build computers, this tv confuses me. Are there any ideas? Thanks guys.
  5. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    The mod. #51MP392H/17 is the only number I can fine, I was off by 1 number thanks for bring this to my attention. But as in my other post sound but no picture on this Magnavox rear projection. This is the same mods that had convergence IC problems. Thanks for any help that you can give.
  6. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    When I turn TV on have sound but no picture . Only light on front is green on start button.
  7. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I would like to take the front plastic panel of my magnavox tv and spray paint it. Can someone tell me how to remove the panel without damaging the tv? Thanks in advance
  8. Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Hi, can anyone please advise on a problem i have with this player: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Magnavox-MBP5210-F7-Wi-Fi-Blu-ray-Disc-Player/17327920?findingMethod=rr It has stopped connecting to my WiFi network and i am clueless as to what the problem is.:dontknow: Thanks Barry.
  9. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    The symptom: When the TV is turned on, there is only a quick flash of the back light. Screen remains black, but audio and power LED show that it's powerd up and working. The problem: This model of TV, and many other china made model's from around the same year (2006-ish) have a common problem...
  10. Philips / Magnavox
    The symptom: When the TV is turned on, there is only a quick flash of the back light. Screen remains black, but audio and power LED show that it's powerd up and working. The problem: This model of TV, and many other china made model's from around the same year (2006-ish) have a common problem...
  11. Philips / Magnavox
    The Magnavox Philips 42" LCD 42mf337b Power Supply repair thread This is a 42" 720P LCD, that shares parts with Philips (Has a LG sticker on the back of the display). Was bought at home depot I was told. Manufactured in 2007. Other model numbers: Magnavox 42MF337B/37 Magnavox 42MF437B/37...
  12. Philips / Magnavox
    Hi, some eight monts ago i have some convergence problem on my 51MP6100D magnavox rear proyector tv, well i do i huge search in this marvelous forum and find the problem on stk392-120 ics, i replaced and !!! it worked!!!...for some time...recently i turn on my tv for 2 hours, then i turned off...
  13. Philips / Magnavox
    Are there know issues with these sets? My pastor is having an issue with his. None of the inputs work. He can see dots on the screen but no picture on any input. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt
  14. Philips / Magnavox
    THIS IS A PROJECTION TV Hello thanks for taking the time to read this ! Well i cant seem to get into the service convergence using code 062597 menu or select . I can get into service modeusing 062596 select rec but i see nothing there for convergence ! Am i missing something...
  15. Philips / Magnavox
    not sure if this is where i post this if not im sorry let me know where i should post it have another magnavox big screen model# 6p5440w103 and i need this board 212618 p large signal gr6d model# apd006b002 any help would be appreciated im not too good on tv's im better on computers
  16. Philips / Magnavox
    just bought this 50 inch tv model# 9p5034 c101 the coolant has been changed recently. now the problem. when im watching the tv anytime i get a picture with alot of white in int the screen acts like it going to close in it gets black around the picture and goes away then comes back but when there...
  17. Philips / Magnavox
    A message comes onscreen that says, "Shutting off in 30 seconds" or something similar, and the tv shuts itself off. Is there something in the setup menu I'm missing? I checked the 'Timer' function but it doesn't have anything programmed into it. It happens only when the tv hasn't been...
  18. Philips / Magnavox
    hello im repairing my first magnavox model # 6p5440 w103 crt tv and ive successfully changed the fluid but the converge is off set and when i line it up in the middle the sides are off. i put the service code 062 in and a grid comes up but the lines are clearly bent and become worse as it leaves...
  19. Philips / Magnavox
    I swapped out two STK-120's and all the 6.8OHM resistors in my Philips Magnavox DPTV305. When I power it up at least 4 resistors glow red hot. I removed the board, swapped out the STK's and burnt resistors with some extras I purchased and the same thing happened again. I have checked for...
  20. Philips / Magnavox
    Hello, Recently had the set to a shop to replace convergance chips (STK 392-120). At the shop the tech turned on the set and it was in great working order. Payed the shop and brought the t.v. home. Went to turn it on and the screen was broken up in horizontal bars, and flickering badly. It...
1-20 of 20 Results