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  1. How to make a pin hole?

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    I've read a good deal about how a sealed sub should not have any leaks... "they" say even a small leak can cause a large loss in SPL, yet other "experts" say you need a pin hole in a sealed sub to allow any outside atmospheric pressure changes to equalize the pressures on both sides of the...
  2. Help me make a wise choice.

    Home Audio Speakers
    Don't know if I am posting this in the correct spot. But any help would be appreciated. Could you fine people help me make a wise decision on a couple of small desk top speaker systems that must do the following. - small enough to be moved around (like a Bose wave). - can double as flat panel...
  3. How to make broadband panels reflective for higher frequencies

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello, I live in Mexico and Im building a HT for my family, it is a dedicated room 100% movies. Room dimensions are 11m long 7m wide 2.41m heigth. All surfaces are poured concrete. I will build 1 side wall of drywall to avoid some columns as well as a back wall same drywall. Final dimensions...
  4. Bonus room... let's make this work

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'll try to keep this short so no one will glaze over, but let me first provide some back story so you all know where I'm coming from. About 3.5 years ago I built my first home. Did a ton of work myself, all in the name of making a buck. We sold the home this past Spring and have been in a...
  5. can i make a freq resp of my spkrs using REW?

    REW Forum
    I just bought some KRK Rokit 5 monitors to replace Cambridge SOundworks I had for 10 years (just low end PC speakers). got the KRKs in, installed and they have (by comparison) more mids, less highs and a bit more lows. I turned the high knob on back up to +1 db and the vol knob on back down by...
  6. Possible to make or buy Din to 2x XLR cable?

    System Setup and Connection
    Not sure if this is the correct section to post this but iv just bought a Crown XTI 4000 to power a couple of stereo subwoofers in my system. I would like to connect the Crown to a Naim NDX as its source. The Naim OUTPUT has only two options 2xRCA or 1 x Din. I am using the RCAs to connect to...
  7. Does wire, capacitors, or resistors make a difference?

    DIY Speakers
    There are those that have been lead to believe that wire is wire and parts are parts and that if it measures the same then it sounds the same. And the objective verse subjective aspects have been debated to death. But, how would you like to find out for yourself? This is challenge that I...
  8. OLED TV 10 Times More Expensive to Make than LCD TV?

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: BigPictureBigSound
  9. "Accessory" Guaranteed to Make Your Display Look Better

    AV Home Theater
    For those of us who are vision challenged...an eye exam plus new glasses or contacts:D. Not trying to be silly, but if you are like me, I put off getting my vision checked like I delay going to the dentist. It is easy to believe that your vision is OK, especially if your prescription has not...
  10. Why Do Some TVs Make Movies Look More Real than Others

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: BigPictureBigSound
  11. Getting ready to make measurements

    REW Forum
    Newbie warning! I am preparing to use REW. I want to make sure I have the right equipment. 1. I have a CM-140 SPL meter. Good enough? Need something better? 2. Sound "card". I have a Lenovo W520 laptop with whatever built-in audio it has. In reading the posts and guides here I see that an...
  12. If a New HDTV Format Is Offered For Sale but No Dealers Want To Sell It, Does It Make a Picture?

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: HDGuru
  13. Did I make a bad choice

    DIY Screens
    I have been a bit of a lurker on another HT forum and purchased the mixture for a screen paint a few weeks ago. I was hesitant to spray it after reading some negative things about it compared to other solutions. I have a Benq W6000 and am planning on painting a 150" 2.35:1 screen. Ceilings are...
  14. I'm in need of some diy screen advice. What to make a screen from?

    DIY Screens
    First home projection setup. Room is 12.5' x 11.5'. Plan on using dark drapes/coverings to control the light in the room and black out the windows. No equipment yet. I want to do fixed very lightweight diy 90" screen. Projector will be an Optoma HD20. I would probably go better on the...
  15. New speaker in a corner, can I make it worthy?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Greetings, can I make this install better, as-is, Im really stuck and can not move the bracket! The Martin Logan LX16s, Ive been lusting over these beauties since the moment I first saw them. I am finally expecting my first pair and theyll be used in a 2.0 configuration for now. Im worried...
  16. Best software/hardware to make my HTPC run the way I want!!!!

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I am looking for suggestions on software and applications to make the most of my HTPC with very little effort from myself. Here is what I am looking for: 1.) Auto detection when a dvd or blu ray is inserted into the drive and begin copying to Hard drives. After initial setup don't want to have...
  17. Make Shift Home Theater Equipment List

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    For those interested here is a list of my home theater equipment: - HC4000 Mitsubishi 1080P Projector - An Elite Screens 150 inch Pull down. I'd eventually like to go for a fixed frame, but got the Elite for cheap. - 4 Yamaha NS-777 Speakers - DV62CLR-S BIC Center Speaker - HTR-5860 Yamaha...
  18. Will the screen size of 10 inches make a difference?

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    We're thinking now that the space in our HT room designated for the display can maybe squeeze a 60" HDTV depending on whether or not the sides can come out a bit and clear the cabinet doors to the left and right (the right side cabinet holds our AVR and BD player). Unfortunately, our seating...
  19. Bass Trap Advice... before I make a mess

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I just fumbled the ball on installing acoustic panels... so I want to make sure I'm heading down the right path before I start constructing and installing some bass traps. I have a very challenging space with limitations on how intrusive the traps are in the space I have. My plan is to...
  20. Denon 7.1 how can I make it 9.1

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    I have a denon 1910 and I'm running front height setup but would like to run 1 or 2 more rear speakers off the 2 rear channels I know I font need them I just want them. Will the rocket fish wireless rear system change my ohm load or should I just add a selecter with volume knob my speakers are 6...