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  1. Do they make this kind of cable?

    REW Forum
    I'm looking for a RCA audio cable which splits one RCA stereo connection into 3 or 4 RCA stereo connections... Do they make such a cable? How about a box? Thanks to all that respond!
  2. Parsing Error Creating Make Cal file

    REW Forum
    I just installed REW and and having lots of fun - windows PC, Sound Blaster Live internalm Behringer mixer and ECM8000. Using only simply loopback, the soundcard appears to fall off about 10-20k and below 10HZ with a slight (1db) rise from 20hz to 100hz. When I go through the cal procedure...
  3. How to make all this work (SPL to REW to BFD) help

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone , Have gotten spl readings from 10hz to 162hz is there a way to put them into a file and import them in to rew , I know I will eventually have to take new readings as I adjust the bfd ,but this is all a little confusing for me any help is greatly aappreciated .Thanks in advance...