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  1. Review Discussion Thread: miniDSP DDRC-88BM 8-Channel Dirac Live Processor With Bass Management

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    by Wayne Myers Price Each: $999 Introduction MiniDSP has become a solid source for hardware-based Dirac Live implementations in recent years. Their products cover a range from two-channel 24b-96kbps models to eight-channel 24b-48kbps nano-sized and rack-mount models. But their offerings have...
  2. Review: miniDSP DDRC-88BM 8-Channel Dirac Live Processor With Bass Management

    AV Receivers, Preamps, Processors & Amp. Reviews
    by Wayne Myers Price Each: $999 Introduction MiniDSP has become a solid source for hardware-based Dirac Live implementations in recent years. Their products cover a range from two-channel 24b-96kbps models to eight-channel 24b-48kbps nano-sized and rack-mount models. But their offerings have...
  3. NanoAvr-DL, bass management, manually EQuing

    Audio Processing
    First, I am pleased to announce that my NanoAvr-DL is functionnal. Dirac and Rew graphs for my fronts speakers are reconciled (thanks to a new bd-player, the old one was the culprit even it was upstream!) I have successfully made a Dirac project for my 5.1 system and, everything works ! (je...
  4. Speaker Stands for Wireless Surround Speakers / Power Cable Management

    System Setup and Connection
    I recently purchased the Sony HT-RT5 system - which consists of a sound bar, subwoofer and 2 rear surround speakers. It's a wireless system, so there are no speaker wires to run, but each speaker has to be connected to a wall outlet. I looked at several speaker stands for the rear surround...
  5. Feature Request: Color Picker management

    REW Forum
    Wow! REW keeps on getting better. Lots of nice new ergonomic features. Along the same lines I'd like to mention another possible improvement: Color Picker management. Whenever I measure my surround system, I like to use a shade of blue for front left, a shade of red for front right, green for...
  6. Movie mixing and bass management

    Audio Processing
    I have been wondering about this for a while so hopefully someone can provide me with some insight. When the sound guy mixes the audio track for a movie, there will be 5-7 full range channels and the .1 LFE. The LFE will have items specifically intended only for that channel. In our receivers...
  7. Confusing Bass Management Results - Need Help

    REW Forum
    So I have a Denon AVR x3000 and just recently purchased two SVS SB-2000 subwoofers. I am also using the miniDSP UMIK-1 mic along with the HDMI connection from my laptop to the AVR. I wanted to look and see how the receiver is handling the bass management between the main channels and the LFE...
  8. REW measurements of bass management of Emotiva UMC-200 pre/pro

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi all, In the past, I have heard about some quirks in the bass management of the now-discontinued Emotiva UMC-1, including Sonnie's review of it. I recently bought a UMC-200 for a two-channel setup with subs. Because the UMC-200 is the successor to the UMC-1, I wanted to check out the bass...
  9. Onkyo TX-NR707 bass management issues

    System Setup and Connection
    While running some bass test tones yesterday on my NR707, I discovered that the receiver is ignoring my crossover settings in all modes except THX Cinema. I have all my speakers set to 'small' and 80Hz. Anyone else experience this? While my mains CAN produce sound down to about 40Hz, I'd...
  10. Rotel RSP-1068 bass management

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi, I need some help figuring out this processor. I looked at the manual but I need a second opinion as it is very confusing to me. http://www.rotel.com/content/manuals/rsp1068.pdf If I select Small options, it says it will apply a low pass filter to the subwoofer and to the main speakers...
  11. Bass Management in 2.1 stereo system

    Audio Processing
    Hi Guys I am cash and I am a newbie here. I bought a Harmon kardon HK 3490 , pair of JBL L 890 and a Velodyne impact 10. I have a ONKYO C-7030 CD player and its connected to the reciever by a digital coaxial cable and the subwoofer is connected to the sub out in the reciever. I have the system...
  12. LFE + Bass Management Question

    Audio Processing
    I've been caught in this dilemma for quite a long time now but seems I'm chasing my own tail. As I understand; Bass and LFE are two separate things. I use my HT purely for movies. I cailbrate my sub in REW to dial a house curve, which pretty much rises by 6-7dB till 28hz starting from 80hz...
  13. Velodyne Appoints New Management Amid Changes

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: TWICE
  14. Power Management between an HT and A/C Unit

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    This seems out of the ordinary I'm sure, but I have an interesting question that I need help answering. I currently have my home theatre equipment set up in my room, and since the room is small and usually has the door closed (as not to disturb others), it can get quite warm (like 80+ degrees...
  15. Bass management

    Two Channel Audio
    I would like to add bass management unit between the Preamp and power Amp. There are many "Pro" type two way +sub units from the likes of DBX, Behringer, Rane etc. Are these any good for home stereo use? Tks
  16. Bass Management - Need Help!

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Analog audio out to 3.2 system M-Audio Revo 7.1 sound card Win7 64-bit My problems are these: Must set configure speakers in Win7 Sounds and Devices to 5.1 audio. If I set as 3.1, MC7 tells me video codec not found or not installed. I think this means surround content is lost. Also, in...
  17. Cable Management

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I hope to neaten up our AV's cabling yet before taking on this project I have several questions. Can power cables be bound together? Can audio and video cables be bound together? Can audio, video and speaker cables be bound together? Can speaker cables be bound together? Can audio cable be...
  18. Management of Measurements: An Approach

    REW Forum
    After using REW for a while it became clear that there are a lot of mdat files generated. When one looks at measuring in a controlled way it soon becomes difficult to determine which files to load when referring back to a previous measurement. REW has some good features in this regard. In...
  19. Wire management?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I just purchased a new rack for all of my gear. Its an open rack, 3 shelves, television on top shelf, middle shelf has PS3,KEF Q600 center channel speaker,and Verizon Fios box,lower shelf has Arcam AVR 600,PS Audio Powerplay 8000,and Xbox 360. I am looking for a way to tidy up my cables. The...
  20. FS: Paradigm X-30 Bass Management Unit

    Classifieds - Equalization & Calibration Equipment
    Paradigm X-30 Bass Management unit with power source ...9.5 out of 10...$110 Shipped to lower 48 states Also Four MFW-15's (See Subwoofer listings) $750 a pr. Two Satin Black and Two Africian MoHo Wood finish...Excellent condition + Onkyo 805 - See Receiver / Amp section) $325 Thx for...