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  1. USA Manufactured McCauley 6174 Units and Comments Comparisons

    Lets get to it! Anyone use the McCaulley 6174? I believe they were developed in the late 90's I use to buy these wholesale for $450-$525 and now after talking with Bruce over at McCaully they want $900 plus a unit. I can't imagine the material and production cost increased 100% + Any...
  2. Manufactured passive subs

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    My father in law owns some movie theaters and is building a theater room in his house. He will be using processing equipment from his movie theater which means all amplifiers will be in a rack, including sub amps. Can any of you recommend some manufactured passive subwoofers? I would build...
  3. DIY or Manufactured screen recommendation?

    Manufactured Screens
    I just bought a BenQ EP5920 projector for my Dad and need to decide on a screen for him... I am torn between a Black Widow DIY screen and a manufactured 128" one from EluneVision, (the HD Vivid Cinema Pro Grey 1.8 gain screen). My problem is their viewing room is NOT ideal for a home theatre...
  4. Looking for a cheap manufactured screen

    Manufactured Screens
    Hello, It's for a friend who wants to go FP but is tight in budget... Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Manufactured Screen Forum Index - Sticky

    Manufactured Screens
    Work in progress.... Commercial Screen threads Commercial Grayscale and Gamut Readings - Grayscale and Gamut readings of various commercial screen materials. Commercial Spectrum Readings - Spectrophotometer readings of the various commercial materials. Elite Screens Silver Frame Screen...
  6. Value of DIY vs. Manufactured

    DIY Speakers
    I'm very familiar with most brands of speakers, but I'm rather new to DIY and was curious how the value of DIY options compare with Polk, SVS, B&W, ect... There are certainly a lot of variables and exceptions, but I'm just looking for some generalized information as a starting point.
  7. Manufactured Screens and Professional Paint Mixes

    General Screen Discussion
    This will be the Sticky for navigating to the manufactured screen threads. This will be a closed thread and updated as necessary. When the review is done and posted you will find the link by clicking below on the manufacturer. HoloDisplays HoloVega Da-Lite Screens - Da-Lite Screen Material...