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  1. Blu-ray Release Dates
    Candy (2007) Heath Ledger, Geoffrey Rush, Abbie Cornish. A charming but reckless young poet falls in love with a beautiful young student who is attracted to his bohemian lifestyle and drug addiction; their passionate relationship alternates between bursts of ecstatic oblivion and bouts of...
  2. Blu-ray Release Dates
    Always Will (2006) Follows Will, an unpopular high school senior who uncovers a time capsule from his old elementary school and discovers that with it he can magically go back in time to change his past. Directed by Michael Sammaciccia but made by and with kids. (MTI Home Video). Are We...
  3. Blu-ray Release Dates
    American Cousins (2003) Gerald Lepkowski, Shirley Henderson, Danny Nucci, Vincent Pastore, Eva Coutts, Dan Hedaya. Quirky Mafia comedy about two wisecracking mobsters who take refuge in Scotland with their law-abiding cousin, who runs a fish & chip shop. Extras: Commentary, cast and crew...
241-243 of 261 Results