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  1. JUICE debuts on Blu-ray June 6th to mark 25th Anniversary

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  2. DEEPWATER HORIZON � Starring Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell � On Digital HD December 20 and Blu-ray & DVD January 10

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    DEEPWATER HORIZON – Starring Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell – On Digital HD December 20 and Blu-ray & DVD January 10
  3. Harmon's Mark Levinson No. 519 Audio Player Will Hit Streets in July

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    High-end audio manufacturer Harmon recently unveiled its forthcoming Mark Levinson No. 519 Audio Player. With unconfirmed pricing landing close to $15,000 U.S., the Connecticut born No. 519 player is definitely a niche product meant for systems that dabble in relatively rarified air. “We...
  4. New Mark Audio Drivers (update)

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi, We have stock of all drivers except for the CHN-70 where the first batch has sold out and the next order is on it's way. Items will be added to the website, Canuck Audio Mart and our eBay store in the next few days. Please also note that we are the only ones left with a small stock of the...
  5. Picture with Mark Seaton

    AV Home Theater
    I should have posted this last week. I have met Mark Seaton 4 or 5 times. I have purchased two subs and a good friend of mine also brought two. Mark is genuinely a nice guy and extremely knowledgable. The passion about the AV world and in his products in particular is refreshing. The only...
  6. Orb Audio announces new line of speaker systems to mark the company's 10th anniversary

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    Orb Audio is known in the home theater industry as a company that delivers really great sound quality at an incredibly competitive price. A simple search of reviews will show you tons of people around the globe who choose Orb to live up to their slogan, "small speakers, big sound" and prove...
  7. Mark Cerny "The Road to PS4"

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Mark Cerny is no stranger to the HardCore, if the name is not familliar to you that's ok because I'm pretty sure you have played a game in which he was involved with. Sony added another title to his impressive list of titles " PS4 Lead Architect ", Mark was in Spain this week speaking at the...
  8. I return with ammo.... Bass Trap Treatment (question mark) Control Room

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello all, Back with ammo...:boxer: I am back after installing 2 89" High Super Chunks in each corner with filled with 24" Roxul rockwool 3" thick slabs. Also Built 3 x 6" deep Broadband traps in the rear of the room of the same material. I just seems to me this made very little difference...
  9. Cadence CSX12 Mark II Subwoofer Review

    Speaker and Subwoofer Reviews
    Cadence CSX12 Mark II Subwoofer Review Introduction The subject of this review is the Cadence CSX12 Mark II, which turns out to be quite the mouthful to say. The CSX12 Mark II -- know simply as the CSX12 from here on out, for the sake of brevity -- is a bass reflex (ported) style of...
  10. Happy Birthday Mark Seaton

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Happy Birthday Mark Seaton
  11. Happy Birthday Mark Seaton (Master of the Deep)

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!!:b-day 5: Your life's work puts a smile on many people's faces !!! Just hoping in some small way, we can return the favor !!
  12. hello from mark in minn..

    New Member Introductions
    just joined today,newbie thats me..i grew up in n.dak in the 7os and thought my 4 piece jvc component system was great,,well i still have it here and it looks same as day i bought it at schaak electronics in 78..i cant give it away..,my system will be a ADA PTH 6150 six channel x 150 wpc and...
  13. Mark Schubin on Mobile 3D: Muscles Matter

    AV Home Theater
    This is an interesting article on some issues with mobile 3d technology from one of the more informative people in the video field that I ran across at mobilizedtv.com. It is the first of a two-part article. from http://www.mobilizedtv.com/mark-schubin-on-mobile-3d-muscles-matter Mark...
  14. Mark Audio Drivers!!!

    DIY Speakers
    I posted this in my Fostex thread but figured the little drivers deserved their own thread. :) I built a TL for the CHR 70's and they are INCREDIBLE!!! I was able to get a -3db point of 38hz using a transmission line enclosure!! It was amazing to listen to a 4 inch driver do 35hz!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of...
  15. Mark Levinson No. 436 Amplifier

    Two Channel Audio
    Mark Levinson No. 436 Monaural Amplifier Reviewed * October 13, 2008 n the history of high-end audio, few brands stand above the crowd like Mark Levinson. Today, famed as the high-end car audio system inside of Lexus, Mark Levinson is still the gem of the Harman Specialty Group brand...
  16. Mark levinson 502 a/v preamplifier

    Two Channel Audio
    I have t admit, I love ML components. Their amplifiers are some of the best available. This is their state of the art all world preamp, which replaces their 40 Media Console. But, i do have some reservations. At this level, 1.1 is not enough. 1.3a is the standard now. And most AV receivers, have...
  17. FAO Mark Techer and others re screen ratio

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi Mark, and anyone else that can provide guidance. My question is about screen sizes but is anamorphic related so I am posting here rather than in the screen forum. I am making plans to get a scope screen and lens to go with my New JVC HD 750. With films being mainly 2.35 or 2.40 which ratio...
  18. Hello from Mark

    New Member Introductions
    WOW, that "FORUM RULES and TERMS OF SERVICE" was a long read, and worth while. I'm new to this forum, but I've been around Hi Fi and Home Theater for years. I work in an electronics lab for a living. My hobbies are DIY electronics, building speakers, and building and flying radio controlled...
  19. FS: 2x12" Titanic Mark III subwoofer drivers - $200 for both

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I'm selling two 12" Dayton Titanic Mark III subwoofer drivers for $200 (for both). These have been great subs for a year, never driven hard and have no defects I know of. I'm a habitual DIY'er and am looking to build new subs as I'm re-doing my whole HT. Buyer pays s/h, each one weighs about...