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  1. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Yamaha RX-V559 Sony BDP-350 BluRay Samsung PN50B550 Bell 9200 HDTV Paradigm Cinema 220 Center Vivid V900 MTM Towers Paradigm Stylus 100 Surrounds (to be replaced with Emotiva ERD-1's) Dayton Audio SA1000 Subwoofer Amp SDX-15 in a 6.5 cu ft slot port
  2. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Hi guys. Nothing to fancy in my setup. Parasound HCA1000A main amp Home built Pre-Amp Pioneer SACD/DVD/CD player with built in decoding DV 578A Speakers are all mine and are constantly in a state of flux. Sub in a dual tapper resonator system of my own design, Mains are (also being worked...
1-2 of 2 Results