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  1. Screen aspect changes and masking

    AV Home Theater
    One of my projects planned this winter is to increase my screen size and possibly add a masking system. I just watched Guardians of the galaxy and noticed that the aspect ratio changed several times during the film. I know this isnt uncommon. Is there any way to work around this? Seems...
  2. Existing Fixed Frame DIY Masking "Suggestions Wanted"

    General Screen Discussion
    I just looked at the YouTube's on DIY automated screen masking: I would like to know if anyone has done anything similar that they can share? I'm looking at working on DIY acoustic room treatment project and will be initially focusing on the front wall for the biggest improvement and this...
  3. Top Masking

    General Screen Discussion
    Just received my new projector, a JVC DLA-RS56. I'm now pondering over the screen. I haven't decided on how much masking would be correct for the top of the screen. My ceiling is 110 inches. A 106" screen is 66.75 top of screen housing to the bottom screen bar. A 6" top black mask puts me 43.25...
  4. Paint on masking

    General Screen Discussion
    Hi...I'm new to HTS and this is my first post. I'm at work so I can't spend much time searching so excuse me if this has been covered before. I'm thinking of painting borders on my Dalite screen. I researched and found some paint for this purpose, but it is a little costly. My question is has...
  5. magnetic masking

    DIY Screens
    Hi All, I'm looking for a screen masking solution to allow 16:9 and 2.39:1 content - who isn't, right? I've read a bunch about motorised and manual masking solutions with pulleys and such but it all seems fairly complex and/or expensive. Ditto for anamorphic lenses. I was reading Prof's DIY...
  6. Masking thoughts.

    General Screen Discussion
    I Have an Elite 100" 16:9 AT screen I'm looking for creative suggestions to mask the top and bottom during movie night. The frame is completely accessible, meaning I have many install options. In a perfect budget world I would love remote control motorized masking but I don't think the...
  7. how important are masking panels?

    Manufactured Screens
    I'm looking for an acoustically transparent motorized screen. Ideally it would be 2.35:1 with acoutically transparent masking panels. However, the screen I just described is big $$ compared to a 16:9 screen with no panels. I'm just wondering if having the masking panels makes a big enough...
  8. Masking

    General Screen Discussion
    Sorry, but I keep reading were people are talking about masking screens. What exactly is that?:dontknow:
  9. Mechanical horizontal masking system for 1.78 fixed frame screen

    General Screen Discussion
    I posted this in my screen thread, but I noticed in another thread a poster asking about building a mechanical masking system so I decided to make a new thread for any posters that might be interested. I have now added an adjustable horizontal masking system to my 106" fixed frame screen. My...
  10. Metal used for masking (magnets)

    DIY Screens
    I am in the middle of building my screen. I am ready to start planning for my masking around the border and I need some input. My screen consist of a DW laminate sheet glued to some backing board for stability. This will be screwed down to a wooden frame that I have built. I will be gluing...