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  1. Blow Dealt to Half-Speed Mastering

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Stan Ricker of half-speed mastering fame has passed. His contributions and dedication to high quality sound will not be forgotten. Read about it and more here
  2. Room for mixing and mastering

    REW Forum
    Hi Guys. This is my first post and first measurement. I have a somewhat treated room with clouds, sidewall absorbers and corner traps. My graph shows i big boost at 40 hz at which my genelecs 8040 shouldnt generate much sound. I dont use a subwoofer. It also shows a phase thing at that...
  3. Hello All

    New Member Introductions
    I'm Kerem First of all I'm an amateur who wants to be a semi-professional at music. I had to say that. I have a demo album. Except the drums I played all the stuff, mix it and mastered it. I am a singer, old-fashioned, likes Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, SVR, vs. I am a guitarist...
  4. mixing and mastering course

    Pro Audio
    Could someone help me in information about mixing and mastering course in Australia / Singapore / Malaysia or anywhere near Indonesia ? Thanks a lot
  5. What is Mastering?

    Pro Audio
    I thought I'd open this thread, not because I am an experienced mastering engineer but because I think I have the ears to become one :sweat: From my experience, given a good mix the first thing that may need adjusting is tonal/frequency balance. I figure this might be due to the equipment in...
  6. Sony gears up for Blu-ray 3D mastering and production in Japan

    Good news if you find yourself in Tokyo and just have to have a Blu-ray 3D disc made, as Sony DADC Japan and Sony PCL are equipped to produce them. They're open for business July 1, following the Panasonic facilities opened last month, check out an authoring suite at Sony PCL pictured above...
  7. Sony releases Blu-print 6 software for mastering Blu-ray 3D movies

    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on Blu-ray 3D doesn't make its retail debut until next week, but you can get a taste of the tools used to make it right now, as Sony has announced the availability of its Blu-print 6 and Z Depth software packages. The latest version of Blu-print adds "Profile...
  8. Mastering Plugin - What is the best Mastering Plugin?

    Pro Audio
    What is your favorite plugin for mastering and what is it that you like about it? I have been considering Waves and Cubase, but there seems to be too many options out there. How do you choose the right one? Thanks!
  9. Stem Mastering number two

    Pro Audio
    I just got some new tracks through with lots of stems. drums, vocals etc. Stay tuned for more as I start work on them tomorrow - will keep you posted with my workflow and thoughts on the stem process.
  10. Mastering a film in high definition

    AV Home Theater
    I previously posted my experience mixing in the 5.1 format so I thought I'd mention mastering my movie, "What Really Frightens You" in high definition for those who are interested in the technical process of releasing a film on video. I shot the film in 35mm and it's in four reels (80 minutes)...