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  1. DIY Screens
    Need to buy paint to get started on my wall, not sure what to get. For color, deciding between SW 6260 Unique Gray and SW 7071 Gray Screen. Not sure if I should go with Duration Matte, or ProClassic Satin. Ive seen both be recommended, for white anyway. Will be using Kilz 2 primer, based off...
  2. DIY Screens
    Im finally buying my screen paint tomorrow and I totally forgot to find out what sheen I should be getting. Do I use flat or matte finish? This is sherwin williams paint.
  3. Manufactured Screens
    Hi everyone! I've just recently put together my first home theater and have to say, while some of the components will be updated in the near future, I'm quite happy with my first setup! I recently purchased a Da-Lite High Contrast Matte White Model B CSR screen, and maybe it's just buyer's...
  4. DIY Screens
    I'm trying to decide which way to go. If I go with the screen material, I would buy the pulldown screen, cut the material off and use my wood frame. I just don't know if the screen material is pliable enough to get a tight fit on the frame with staples. 1) Designer White laminate screen 2)...
  5. Manufactured Screens
    Howdy. I have a Marantz VP4001 and I'm re-assessing my screen needs. I currently use quite a dark grey painted screen ( a bit darker than Silver Screen). It's around 106" and my room is light controlled at night, with light coloured walls which I may be painting dark soon. I'd like, as would...
1-5 of 5 Results