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  1. Feature request: Multi-channel scans and multi-microphone meas

    REW Forum
    JohnM, once more, thanks a lot for an excellent piece of software. Are there any plans on adding multi-channel or multi-mic support? With ASIO, using a multi-channel output device is very simple. Changing which channel to use is simple. However, in setups with multiple speakers and multiple...
  2. Plse Help Interpret First REW Meas

    REW Forum
    First, this is a great forum and a great tool. I've just completed my first measurements as shown below and could really use some of the expert advice out there on interpreting these results - and as importantly - what to do next. I've also attached a room drawing with enough detail to give...
  3. Before Meas.

    REW Forum
    Fellas I spent a better part of the day geting this set up and this is what I came up with. Something smells rotten in Demark. What is this graph telling me? Be kind The sub is a SVS 20-39pc+ tuned to 20hz i.e. No port covers Thank you Matt