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  1. Missing distortion measurements

    REW Forum
    When I perform a sine sweep measurement and select the distortion display the measurements of distortion (% or dBr of the harmonics or THD) are often not displayed in the lower panel. The attached screen shot shows this situation. Sometimes the measurements appear, sometimes they don't. I...
  2. Measurements required for analysis of 5.1 with dual mono subs

    REW Forum
    Hi please can someone tell me measurements required for my system. Main speakers Energy Veritas 2.3i and centre, velodyne dd12 and dd15 dual mono, receiver Yamaha Z9. Thanks in advance
  3. Wildly Different Measurements

    REW Forum
    Hello folks, Incorporating some 31 band White EQ's on my mains for my home mastering studio and having some very strange results with a new EMM-6 I bought from Dayton Audio. Got the mic's cal file from Dayton working. Got a loopback cal for my USB interface. SPL level tests all aligned with my...
  4. understanding THD distortion measurements

    REW Forum
    I have a two-way loudspeaker system in which I do not understand the THD measurements I obtain with REW. The woofer THD measures like this (first jpg) before the crossover filtering (low pass LR2, miniDSP): Then after the low pass LR2 filter it looks like this (2nd jpg), with lots of...
  5. Mini-dsp DDRC-22d No start button in Measurements

    Audio Processing
    Hi everybody, Just received my mini-dsp 22d and installed the Dirac Live Calibration tool in windows. Went through the first few steps successfully until I got to the Measurements page. After selecting chair, the program said that the first measurement was ready. However, there was no start...
  6. Has anyone tried to use phone for DB measurements

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I was browsing the app store on my LG g3 and saw a sound meter I was wondering how accurate these are. I'm sure they are off but by how much? Anyone with an android phone wanna give one a try and compare to a real spl meter. Then report back.
  7. REW 5.1 with UMIK Mic - First Measurements

    REW Forum
    Room is 22*13 Subwoofers are 4x Sealed SI 18" D2 I have two placed in the front of the room and 2 placed in the rear. The only EQ I am using is on my AVR - XT32 I am getting a weird hump near the crossover (80hz) I had the same problem with only 2 of the subs and an Anthem MRX 300. The...
  8. Looking for help with my first measurements, SVS SB12 and KRK mains

    REW Forum
    Hi, I'm hoping for some help and advise with my first measurements, just for mains and sub at this point, I'll look at the centre and surrounds later! My setup is SVS SB-12 sub and KRK powered mains (Rokit-6 on stands) Sony STR DB1080 receiver. Crossover set by receiver at 80Hz, mains set as...
  9. help with measurements

    REW Forum
    Decided to start a new thread hopefully with correct information. I have taken 5 measurements in my room. The goal is to have 2 Marty Cubes. The first 2 files labeled 1 and 2 are where I would like one of the subs the last three 3,4,5 are the same location just facing different directions. I...
  10. Averaging impulse measurements

    REW Forum
    Hi, Im trying to measure the reverberation time over 125Hz - 4kHz 1/3 octave bands in a small music venue, using the impulse response available in REW. Due to room modes and spatial changes in the sound field, I'm taking 10 individual measurements around the room to get an 'overall'...
  11. My first measurements and how to interpret them

    REW Forum
    Hi, I just did my first measurements and I need a little help from you guys to interpret them. My first question would be, how bad is it ? :sweat: The first screenshot is my soundcard calibration and then I did 4 measurements. I kind of worry a lot about the 1 KHz to 20 KHz range. Seems to be...
  12. Merging Near and Far Field Measurements

    REW Forum
    I can't seem to find any information on how to merge near and far field measurements. can this splice curves or overlays and do a merge? THX
  13. Is something wrong with my Center speaker? REW measurements included.

    REW Forum
    Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this post but I'm hoping people more experienced in reading REW would be more likely to see this post than in the main Speaker forum. Mods move if needed please. I've measured my MartinLogan Motif and personally I feel like there's something off about the...
  14. REW is not opening saved measurements.

    REW Forum
    Hi REW Experts. I have done a few measurements yesterday. Everything went well calibration of the sound-card setting SPL etc. In the end we had some nice graphs and waterfalls etc. We where happy how good the room turned out over time 200 ms nearly everywhere. But today when I try to open the...
  15. First Measurements - Sanity Check

    REW Forum
    Attached are my first measurements. Not sure if I did it correctly and would like to hear your comments. A bit of back ground: My system was professionally calibrated about a year ago. The bass has always been a bit lacking. Prior to making a new subwoofer purchase I would like to make sure I...
  16. First Measurements

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I just finished taking groups of measurements all over my room, I then averaged the groups and averaged the averages.......now what? I also plugged my room dimensions in also. Now do I export an EQ file to adjust my monitors so I'm hearing a corrected signal while I'm mixing music? It...
  17. Sub Placement measurements

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I have finally gotten around to taking some test measurements for my sub setup (IB). I took measurements at 6 positions and need some help deciding which one may work best. Thanks for any input, advice, and opinions!
  18. Nearfield measurements in crossover region (HELP!)

    REW Forum
    I have a three way project on the go at the moment. I am using a WIN7 laptop, a Behringer UMC204 and a calibrated Dayton EMM-6 mic to take measurements. I have a crossover that pretty much lies smack in the middle of the nearfield to farfield transition (300-400hz). The woofer is the Dayton...
  19. stitching near field and far field measurements

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I can't seem to figure out how to stitch a near field and far field measurment together for a driver, anyone give me a heads up? Cheers Stefan
  20. REW measurements in a noisy room

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Greetings! This is my first post to the forum, I hope to get more into the community in the coming months. My intentions: I’m attempting to create a small project studio (listening room) at the office where I will be composing music, doing post production sound for video, and possibly recording...