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  1. Audio interface for impedance measurment

    REW Forum
    Hi all, A while ago I purchased a Behringer UCA202 that turned out to be fake ( eBay). I tried to use it with my DIY jig (using two 5 ohm non-inductive resistors in series) and I could not get the thing to work without noise. Eventually, I went to a friend to use his Dayton DATs to get out the...
  2. No measurment signal playing back??

    REW Forum
    Hey guys!! I desperately hope anyone of you can help me. I calibrated my interface, checked all the levels -> everythings perfect. When i go to "measure" i check the levels again -> "level OK" Then i hit "Start measuring": The output meter shows level at -13dbFS but i can't hear any signal...
  3. Impedance measurment: need to measure source Z

    REW Forum
    I love the ability in REW to measure the impedance of a load, but my task today is to measure the impedance of a source, the output impedance of a line-level device like a CD player or preamp. It's likely to be fairly low, but not capable of actually driving a load equivalent to it's source Z...
  4. Room measurment Software

    Audio Processing
    if you are looking for a proffessionel room measurement application its is very expensive but very professionell search to : afmg good Luck !
  5. help with measurment

    REW Forum
    Hello Iam using Rew with the UMIK-1 Microhpone, HDMI connection to my AVreceiver, in the preferences section in Rew from the drop down menu for channel select u can only use to sweep one channel at the time, but i was wandering if i want to measure both the front speakers L+R with the...
  6. My first blotch REW Measurment

    REW Forum
    This cant be right! Any ideas of what I did wrong here? :hissyfit: Seems the dB is extremely low. But I know it was playing louder than what this graph is showing. I followed the instructions on Minidsp ( Using the UMIK-1 and REW with HDMI output - Windows ). Except I am using the UMM-6 USB...
  7. SPL measurment problems

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hello to you all! First of all I would like to express my thanks for this great tool (REW) that gives us the opportunity to make measurements on our own and without the cost of inviting somebody special for this thing. Now to the point. I started using REW yesterday to make some measurements...
  8. REW Question about signals for impulse measurment

    REW Forum
    can i use an external signal for impulse response measurment ( i dont want use the internal signal generators) in rew maybe an external .wav file and where can i find the button
  9. SI HT18 REW measurment, autoeq and minidsp need feedback from experts

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone I just finished my sub-woofer system project for my HT (you can see the enclosure design and construction here: http://http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/ported-subwoofer-build-projects/70000-stereo-integrity-ht-18-alfa-74-project.html Basically I have a vented enclosure...
  10. How to generate EQ curve from one measurment to match another ?

    REW Forum
    I have measured my Left & Right speakers separately. I now want REW to suggest settings for a generic EQ so that the left speaker matches the right. But I can't see how to do that and the help file doesn't explain it. For a start I can only see one measurement at a time - if I could see both...
  11. Impedance measurment

    REW Forum
    Measuring a speakers impedance, the graph is offset by 212ohms, wich also is what I use for the sense-resistor. I entered the 212,0 value to r-sense, what am I doing wrong? Surely a newbie mistake. regards Svein
  12. First time REW measurment

    REW Forum
    Hi Folks, I think I've done my due diligence and read everything I could find on REW and have run my first few measurements. Before I go any further, I wanted to make sure that I've got everything set up correctly. The equipment I'm using is as follows: Audio Equipment: Onkyo txnr-809 Fronts...
  13. Taming my Room First measurment..

    REW Forum
    Hi Everybody, I just found this program and decided to see what my room sounds like.. Well here is my first attempt altho I had a hard time getting it to work right I think I got it altho it seems like it is a bit low db wise.. I tried turning up the volume and down the sub but kept getting...
  14. Measurment with combination of speakers/sub

    REW Forum
    I am measuring following test configuration of speakers. Left alone Right alone Left + sub Sub I did adjust line output and receiver volume to get 75db and checked levels ok. After measuring speaker, I found complaint that either "head room" is not enough or input levels are not high while...
  15. My First Measurment in Friend's house

    REW Forum
    I am placing screen shots and attaching data file from REW. It is taken from my friend's home theater. He has done intensive following bass traps using corner owen oc 703. 1. All corner traps from floor to ceiling using super chunks 2. On Front wall from left to right 3. On the back wall from...
  16. First measurment

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I'm new to this whole measuring and room treating idea, but here it goes, measurements taken with uncalibrated ECM8000 mic, 15x16x8 living room, wood floors, filled with furniture, 1 sofa. I brought all soft items we had in the house, mattresses for direct reflection points, a rug between...
  17. SVS Plus/2 measurment

    REW Forum
    Here is my Freq Response. I finally got REW up and running. I still have a few questions I will post later. Below are the FR for before EQing with BFD and then after EQing. I think it looks pretty decent. I thought I would be able to get it a little flatter down low. It seems as though down...
  18. Room Measurment equipment for Cinema Room

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi All, I have read through several posts on this forum relating to sound measuring equipment but still need a little guidance. I am interested in setting up a dedicated home cinema room and having spent a lot of time on the room acoustics forum am likely to need bass traps / absorbers etc but...
  19. First measurment - Very odd low-freq result!

    REW Forum
    Hi guys, Ive finally measured my room with REW and have got a very strange result in the low frequencies. As you can see from the attached graph there is alot happening below 40hz. My speakers are small celestion ditton bookshelf's which are quite tame in the bass. PLaying a sine wave at 20hz...
  20. First REW Measurment - REW is great

    REW Forum
    First of all, REW is excellent and this forum is top notch. I have had my first successful REW measurement. I measured my NHT SuperTwo speakers full range. About 4 feet from the side wall and about 6 feet from the back wall. Measured 40 hz - 20 kHz. Mic is close to on-axis. Not the ideal...