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  1. Mitsubishi WS-65711 menu fragments

    Hello, I recently purchased a WS-65711. The set worked when I picked it up however when I got it home it displayed the green blinking light and would not boot up. I purchased another t.v. (WS-55909) and replaced the 65" t.v.s DM board P/N 935C986002 with a P/N 935C986001 from the 55". This...
  2. no picture or osd menus

    Newbie question, Sorry if this has been answered ad nauseum in previous threads. I have a Mits WS-55908 rear projection tv, model year 2000. Tv has been used infrequently for the past 5 yrs. Mostly by my kids for occasional movies and video games. Yesterday my son turned tv on, only...
  3. Terminator 3 DVD/Bluray menus

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I thought I’d show the differences between the two formats menu features plus a quick Terminator 3 Terminator-vision preview. There is no sound as I forgot the sound is on left and right front and I was using the centre channel output from the AVR, that is why you can hear slight bumps in the...
  4. How to access service menus in Mitsubishi WD-62526

    Mornin' Trying to troubleshoot a problem with my WD where the picture just seems very very 'dim', for lack of a better term, and i'm trying to see if there's anything in the service menu that could be keeping the picture from being fully functional. I've found multiple codes around for Mitsu...
  5. REW on Mac greyed out menus

    REW Forum
    Hi. I have not been able to choose input channels for my microphone trough a mLan system 01x i88x without rerouting the intire system. So I found another use of REW - I do it manually - write the filter values in the filter window observe the resulting curves in the main window and transfer to...